Multiple Recognition Programs on Awardco's platform
Just like the weather, employee experience and recognition in the modern workforce is constantly changing. And just like different clothing and gear is needed for different types of weather, we work hard to be sure we’re always innovating to
Han Solo and Employee Recognition
Han Solo and Employee Recognition What does Han Solo have to do with employee recognition? Quite a lot, it turns out. Recognition that is timely, appropriate, and rewarding can turn your disengaged employees into valuable contributors that lead their teams to success, and
Awardco has integrated with Tango Card to provide an even larger reward network to customers. Tango Card is a leading incentive delivery technology that provides an extensive network of e-gift cards as rewards for employee engagement and recognition. 
Employee engagement is a big deal in the modern workforce, and it’s catching fire in organizations around the globe. You may have heard of it in your own workplace, or maybe you saw a session focusing on engagement at a recent