Corporate Rewards & Incentive Programs with Amazon Business

Successful corporate reward programs thoughtfully recognize an employee on an individual level. When done correctly, employee engagement and productivity increases and the employee feels value in their job. Corporate reward programs should include a variety of programs that everyone can participate in.

Reward your employees the right way with a gift they actually want. Awardco has built the most extensive reward network in the market, an all-in-one platform. Learn how to enhance your organization’s corporate rewards and recognition programs with Awardco and Amazon Business.

Awardco & Amazon Business

For the first time ever, organizations can use Amazon Business for Employee Recognition and Corporate Incentive Programs. Easily connect your Amazon Business account to the Awardco platform and start rewarding employees. When employees enter the portal, they’ll have the luxury to choose an award.


It’s simple to use and offers hundreds of millions of products delivered to the office, or directly to the employee.

Awardco is Integrating with Amazon Business

Through our proprietary software, Awardco has integrated with Amazon Worldwide to eliminate customs and expensive shipping. In fact, many countries now offer Amazon Business Prime Shipping. Awardco can determine the location of the employee and will only display the products available in their region.


Business Prime Shipping

Amazon Business Prime Shipping offers fast Two-Day Shipping for every user.

Build Custom Amazon Business Catalogs for Reward Programs

If hundreds of millions of products are too many, Awardco provides the ability for admins to build custom Amazon mini-catalogs for specific corporate reward programs. We’ve learned through experience that employees love choices but, if you desire, Awardco provides a simple way to manipulate the choices shown to employees.

About Awardco-Amazon Business Integration

At Awardco, we’re changing the game when it comes to corporate reward programs. Traditional corporate award programs are no longer in sync with today’s evolving work environment. These one-size-fits-all rewards often leave little engagement and the award is forgotten in a matter of days or weeks.


We understand this, and that’s why we’ve built a platform that can help organizations drive engagement, innovation and passion into your culture and evolving work environment. By giving employees a choice when it comes to their award, it shows how much they are appreciated by their peers and upper management — which directly impacts the work they produce.


From performance recognition to social recognition, service anniversaries and more, Awardco is changing the way organizations recognize, reward and engage employees!

To use Amazon for your corporate reward, recognition and incentive programs you first must sign up for a free account. After you sign up, Awardco will help you connect your Amazon Business account to the Awardco platform.