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January 25, 2022

2021 Recognize Award Winners

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Announcing Awardco’s 2021 Recognize Award Winners!

The Recognize Awards are Awardco’s way of recognizing great achievements in rewarding recognition and engagement. After a rigorous nomination process, 10 winners were selected by a committee based on outstanding metrics and powerful results from using the Awardco platform. See the winners of each Awardy (that’s our nickname for them) below, and congratulations to the winners!

Best Incentive Program: Zillow

Zillow uses Awardco to incentivize participation and engagement in their safety programs. Because of their incentive programs, they’ve seen an incredibly high NPS score and an amazing redemption rate on the Awardco platform (redemption rate is one of many great ways to measure usage and engagement with incentive programs).

Zillow is the online real estate engine of choice for millions of people, and their goal is to give people the power to unlock life’s next chapter through home ownership. Beginning over 15 years ago, Zillow is now a household name that is synonymous with real estate. 

Best Use of Technology: Hertz

Hertz is an employee recognition powerhouse. Hertz weathered the global pandemic by streamlining processes with automation and reinvesting in its most important asset: its people. They made sure that each employee in their substantial workforce was celebrated and recognized during a particularly challenging time—all with the power of automation.

Hertz operates three rental brands in approximately 9,700 corporate and franchise locations throughout North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. As one of the largest worldwide airport general use vehicle rental companies, and one of the most recognized brands in the world, Hertz knows the value of recognizing every employee so they feel empowered to give the best service to customers.

Most Rewarding Recognition Program: Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse knows the importance of employee recognition in coordinating multiple locations with thousands of employees. In providing their employees with more options to choose from as they redeem their rewards, Texas Roadhouse utilizes custom rewards catalogs better than anyone. From custom company swag to an innovative program that offers their specialty meats via Awardco, Texas Roadhouse knows how to reward their employees!

Texas Roadhouse is a family-friendly restaurant that is known for their hand-cut steaks and made-from-scratch food and has been in operation for 27 years. Texas Roadhouse has expanded internationally into 10 other countries—with over 600 locations—and continues to grow as they remain the hometown favorite with their “legendary food and legendary service.” 

Most Engaged Employees: Swire Coca-Cola

Since Swire Coca-Cola started using Awardco, they’ve seen a decrease in employee turnover and an increase in employee engagement. By utilizing recognition as a public means of praise, Swire Coca-Cola has seen more engagement through the platform than any other Awardco client. 

Swire Coca-Cola sells and distributes Coca-Cola and more than 50 other beverage brands across 13 states in North America. Swire Coca-Cola’s commitment to excellence guides their actions with their employees, customers, and communities, and their goal is to “create the magical feelings...and great taste of America’s favorite beverages.”

Best Program Launch: Avalara

Avalara launched their Awardco platform to an employee base of over 3000, but the most remarkable thing is that they did it well under the projected timeline for implementation—all without a hiccup. Not many organizations can claim the same, and it is entirely because of the hard work and dedication of the HR admins that made it happen. 

Avalara is a cloud-based tax compliance solution that is designed to handle all types of transactions—from every tank of gas to every streamed song. The logic behind calculating taxes is pretty complicated, but Avalara makes it easy by working with businesses of all sizes and industries to calculate tax accurately and automatically–saving time and headaches the world over.

Best Milestone Program:

Celebrating workplace milestones, unfortunately, can be pretty mundane in some organizations—but not at has consistently and effectively looked for ways to improve their platform to provide a better experience for their employees celebrating workplace anniversaries. By customizing Awardco’s digital MemoryBooks experience to their organization, has taken something that’s often an afterthought and made it something memorable and meaningful for their entire workforce. is a leading provider of cloud-based software that simplifies, digitizes, and automates complex back-office financial operations for small and midsize businesses. Customers use to manage end-to-end financial workflows and to process payments of all kinds. has become one of the partners of choice for many of the largest financial institutions in the United States.

Best Wellness Program: Baptist Memorial Health Care

Wellness programs are becoming increasingly important for many organizations around the world, and perhaps no organization understands this better than Baptist Memorial Health Care. By utilizing the Awardco platform to create multiple health initiatives and using the Awardco to incentivize and reward employees for healthy choices, Baptist Memorial has shown that their employee’s health is just as important as their patients’. 

Baptist Memorial Health Care is regarded as one of the premier health care systems in the United States and is an award-winning network dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality care for patients. 

Most Creative Recognition Program: O.R. Colan

O. R. Colan has an incredible and unique phishing threat program to help increase security in their organization—an important task when working with so many governmental entities! This phishing threat program uses Awardco to display and recognize employees who report any phishing threats, building a culture of security throughout their organization.

O.R. Colan is a real estate/right-of-way acquisition and related services firm for projects implemented under the provisions of the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act. O.R. Colan has 35 offices in 23 different states and works with clients ranging from utility companies to State Departments of Transportation. 

Best Remote Recognition Program: GoHealth

GoHealth adapted to the global pandemic like no other organization, and they showed just how much they valued their employees by creating a unique remote recognition program. GoHealth utilizes the Awardco platform to award employees points to outfit their remote offices, ensuring remote employees have all the tools they need to do their jobs comfortably and efficiently no matter where they are.

GoHealth is a leading health insurance marketplace and Medicare-focused digital health company on a mission to improve access to healthcare in America. With over 3000 employees and a $6.6 billion valuation after their IPO in recent years, GoHealth still hasn’t lost their focus on their greatest customers: their employees.

Best Global Recognition Program: L3Harris

With employees in over 50 countries around the globe, L3Harris knows how hard it can be to coordinate and unify recognition on a global scale. However, that didn’t stop them from creating the most powerful global recognition program unified under one banner, and now employees can be recognized and redeem their points for nearly anything they want through Awardco, no matter if they’re in Denver or Dubai. 

L3Harris is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering solutions that meet customer’s unique needs in the advanced defense and commercial technologies industries. With services that impact air, land, sea, and cyber domains, L3Harris is dedicated to providing the best for every one of their clients.