February 17, 2022
January 20, 2021

8 Things Your Employees Are Saying About You on TikTok

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Some people think TikTok is just for 14-year-olds to learn dances, but when you dive in, you’ll see that there are many sides of TikTok. If you haven’t been there before, let us show you the #CorporateTikTok side of things with 8 TikToks that cover the joys and woes of the 9 to 5. 

While many of these TikToks are jokes, we know every joke has some truth in it. So what exactly are people saying about their jobs on TikTok? Let's dive in together to laugh, cry, and maybe learn a little about how we can be better managers and better people in the workplace. 

When you reward your employees, they’re more likely to talk about their work in a positive light, just like this guy.

Is a pizza party all it takes to turn things around? Maybe not everyone wants pizza, but rewards and incentives will inspire your employees to keep showing up each day. Not because you’re bribing them, but because you’re putting in a little effort to show you care. 

This TikTok might feel quite familiar. The good news is with many offices being so similar, it’s not hard to stand out. How have you made your office environment less drab? Changing up decor and adding variety to office buildings can boost creativity and improve morale

How many meetings could’ve been an email? This is a running joke in the corporate world to the point that it’s even been printed on mugs. To avoid being the butt of a joke, consider how you’re prioritizing time and schedules. Don’t forget to value your employee’s time as much as you hope they’ll value yours. 

Are your employees fibbing a fever to get out of work (we're not talking about actual fevers here because hello, COVID)? Work-life balance is important. Offer enough PTO that people feel like they can take off when they need a break. Besides offering PTO, remember to encourage employees to take it! Billions of dollars worth of PTO are left unused in America

While no one enjoys a breakdown, it’s nice any time coworkers can relate to each other. Make time to chat with your coworkers about their days and value what goes on in their lives outside of work. When you do, they’ll feel seen and appreciated. 


so so lucky to work for such an amazing company (PMG) that cares so much about their people🥺❤️ #unboxing #gifttok #fyp #workfromhome #MakeItMagical

♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

When you show your employees you care about them, they’ll care more about their work. Plus, when you give them tangible gifts like a custom care package (fun fact: Awardco can do these too for any item(s) and any number of employees) or let them choose their own gift by rewarding points, they might just show off to the rest of the world how much their company cares. 

Are your employees happy where they work? Recognition is one of the top ways you can improve retention without spending any money. Recognize your people’s accomplishments and show you appreciate them so they aren’t going home every day with a frown. 


Me and my bestfriend at work trying to get done with cleaning asap 💀 @notcarlitos #fyp #latino #work

♬ Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

While this video is...a bit chaotic, it’s a good reminder to appreciate your employees who hustle. Your employees are having fun at work, so you should too. Don’t overthink your processes and look at other, more creative ways, work can get done. 

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There's a lot to think about when trying to improve workplace culture and employee experience. We get it. And we're here to help you tackle all the tough things about your job. Whatever you decide to work on first, remember that you can improve how your employees view their work life by providing positive experiences (ones you wouldn’t mind them sharing on Tiktok, for example). Showing recognition by praising and rewarding good work will make your employees want to keep coming back each day and will make life better for them AND for you. 

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