March 2, 2021
November 14, 2019

Awardco Integrates With Amazon Business in Canada

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Awardco & Amazon Business in Canada

Amazon Business and Business Prime recently opened operations in Canada, bringing the total countries served by Amazon Business to nine. Awardco followed suit and integrated as soon as possible with operations in Canada to better serve organization's employee recognition needs in North America.

“Building on our international offerings and integration with Amazon Business in Germany and the UK, our new collaboration with Amazon Business Canada further expands Awardco’s ability to offer the best Employee Recognition and Engagement program to organizations worldwide.” says Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO.

Amazon Business launched operations in Germany and the UK in 2016 and 2017. Now customers in Canada can also utilize features of Amazon Business and Business Prime for their organizations.

 “Amazon Business helps organizations of all sizes meet a wide range of procurement needs with features and benefits that simplify their process, help increase efficiency, and provide access to features that make shopping for work easy and convenient, including Business Prime.” - Amazon Business

The integration of Awardco with Amazon Business in Canada allows organizations to save time and money with Amazon Business and use Awardco for their employee recognition programs. This partnership helps companies scale their recognition efforts to match their growth, and is unique in the Employee Recognition space.

Based in Salt Lake City, Awardco has disrupted the Employee Recognition and Engagement industry since 2015. By integrating with Amazon Business, Awardco offers an unprecedented employee recognition software platform that provides millions of rewards with no markups. With Awardco employees can choose something they truly want, and employers can save thousands on markups of limited rewards catalogs. 

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