March 2, 2021
October 14, 2019

Awardco & Lazada - Offering Millions of Options to SE Asia

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Awardco Integrates With Lazada

Awardco has recently expanded our international capabilities by integrating with Lazada in Southeast Asia. Lazada, Southeast Asia’s no. 1 online shopping and selling destination, is present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. With millions of available items, Lazada offers the widest range of products in categories ranging from beauty to consumer electronics.  

 “Awardco’s partnership with Lazada opens up an entirely new world for employee recognition. Lazada is often referred to as ‘the Amazon of the East,’ and their growth has been impressive to see. By partnering with Lazada, Awardco can now offer rewarding recognition to more organizations across the globe.” - Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO.

What Is Lazada?

Lazada began in 2012 as one of Southeast Asia’s only online shopping and selling destinations. Since that time Lazada has grown exponentially to offer millions of products and shipping options to customers throughout Southeast Asia. Some of Lazada’s notable achievements reflect their commitment to customers and their focus on delivering the best experience possible:

  • Lazada Express created to supplement third-party logistics and increase last-mile delivery service capabilities
  • Cross border operations opened in Hong Kong, offering a one-stop retail gateway to reach more consumers
  • Enters agreement with Alibaba to acquire controlling stake in Lazada with $2 billion investment
  • Southeast Asia’s first authorized online reseller of Apple products

The integration of Awardco with Lazada in Southeast Asia allows organizations to save time and money by using Awardco for their employee recognition efforts in organizations located in that part of the world. This partnership helps companies scale their recognition efforts to match their growth and is unique in the Employee Recognition space.

About Awardco

Based in Salt Lake City, Awardco has disrupted the Employee Recognition and Engagement industry since 2015. By integrating with Lazada, Awardco offers an unprecedented recognition platform that provides millions of rewards with no markups. With Awardco employees can choose something they truly want, and employers can save thousands on markups of limited rewards catalogs. 

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