March 2, 2021
December 26, 2019

A Powerful Update to Enable Multiple Recognition Programs

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Just like the weather, employee experience and recognition in the modern workforce is constantly changing. And just like different clothing and gear is needed for different types of weather, we work hard to be sure we're always innovating to equip you with the best employee recognition platform possible for any situation. To that end, we have recently released enhancements to our employee rewards and recognition platform that give organizations the capability to create all kinds of recognition programs for any occasion—and manage them all in one place. Think of it like the best gear closet ever, but for your recognition programs! 

This new offering—aptly called Recognition Programs—equips you with more control over multiple programs. No matter the climate of your employee recognition program needs, you now have management over visibility, eligibility, and the details of each project. With this feature you have the power to truly craft the perfect recognition program for all types of engagement initiatives and climates. 

 “This new feature upgrade will enable admins to simplify the management of multiple recognition programs. Large companies often have more than one way they recognize their employees—from employee of the month programs to holiday bonuses. With this feature enhancement, organizations can consolidate all of their recognition efforts into one place, enabling greater control and visibility into each program. This feature will dramatically improve the capabilities of any organization to provide rewarding employee recognition and engagement.” - Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO

Recognition Programs help admins manage many new initiatives, such as:

  • Quarterly sales awards 
  • Wellness programs 
  • Value spotlights
  • Holiday bonus programs
  • Employee of the month 
  • Manager awards
  • And more

These innovations allow for reduced administration time and greater capabilities to make employee recognition an even more powerful tool in gear closet of any organization. It's always our goal to provide admins with a simple, flexible tool to improve visibility into programs and increase engagement for any size company. With this new feature at your disposal, you can take your recognition programs to new destinations no matter the recognition climate in your company!

For additional information on how to activate this in your platform, please contact your account manager.

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