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March 2, 2021
August 13, 2019

Awardco Ranked #25 on Inc. 5000

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Inc. 5000 No. 25!

Awardco has ranked No. 25 overall, No. 3 for Software, and No. 1 in Utah on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing companies in America for 2019. Inc. 5000 represents a comprehensive overview of the fastest growing private companies within the United States and includes companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Yelp, and Zillow in their historical inductee lists.

Awardco is the only employee recognition and total rewards platform to collaborate with Amazon Business to provide truly rewarding recognition. With innovative technology, simple solutions, and a drive to deliver inspiring human connection, Awardco stands apart in the industry of recognition, rewards, and employee engagement.

 “Awardco is growing and disrupting an outdated industry. Our message is resonating within the employee recognition space as companies have shared dissatisfaction with traditionally large markups and a poor employee experience. What we offer is simple, powerful, and flexible, and our integration with Amazon Business offers a capability other platforms lack. We are very proud to see Awardco making a lasting change on the way companies recognize, inspire, and support their employees.” – Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO

Founded in 2015, Awardco has grown steadily and is entirely bootstrapped. As the worldwide workforce continues to realize the power of employee recognition as a tool to increase profitability and overall organizational health, Awardco is at the forefront of this industry helping define success.



No. 25 out of 5000? Awesome!

Awardco History

Growing up, Awardco’s founder Steve Sonnenberg learned a great deal from his father’s lifelong career helping McDonald’s build a strong employee recognition program. Steve even daydreamed about making a difference in the same industry one day. Those dreams inched closer to reality when Steve and his cousin Mike both studied computer science (at Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University, respectively) and as they gained valuable experience developing software for several different companies after graduating.

In 2011, Steve recognized the critical need for new, innovative technology in the recognition industry, so he gave Mike a call. They immediately set to work developing a platform to solve the pitfalls in the employee recognition industry: burdensome recognition processes, exorbitant markups on redemptions, and limited redemption options. After four long years of trial, error and testing, our team officially took Awardco out of beta in 2015 and started solving employee recognition problems for an industry in serious need of improvement.

Awardco really started making a name for itself through its official partnership with Amazon Business in 2018. Through this partnership, Awardco could finally offer employees the options and convenience of a world-wide leader in ecommerce within the employee recognition space. That partnership, along with a simple, impactful, and proven employee recognition model, is changing the landscape of employee recognition, and Awardco is rapidly expanding to meet the needs of that changing landscape.

About Awardco

Awardco is the only employee recognition and total rewards platform to integrate with Amazon Business to offer the power of Amazon for any size organization’s employee recognition programs. With a unique offering including millions of Amazon products streamed to the platform directly from Amazon, hotel options through Priceline, and hundreds of event ticket options, Awardco offers something other employee recognition programs can’t—and we do it with zero markups. No other employee recognition program can match this offering. 

Awardco’s philosophy is simple: we strive to inspire real human connection through rewarding recognition. The modern workplace is more than just a paycheck—it is a place where employees want to feel appreciated, recognized, and that they are contributing to something greater. Timely and appropriate recognition is a key factor in providing this atmosphere and can have a huge impact on company ROI, retention, and overall success. To see more about how recognition impacts engagement, see this study conducted by SHRM.

Employee appreciation is a great (and comparatively inexpensive) way to make sure your workforce is supported and feels valued by their managers, and Awardco offers the best platform for employee rewards and recognition available.

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