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March 28, 2023
June 21, 2021

Bonus Boxes: Custom Care Packages for Employees

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An employee who feels cared for will care more about their work—and we’ve made it easier than ever to show you care. With Awardco, you can now create customized care packages with items and gift cards that can be shipped right to your employee’s door. Plus, there are no markups on products—that’s a win-win-win. 

You can include whatever you want from branded swag with your company logo to brand name items. Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to put together a collection of high-quality products that create an experience whether your employees are in the office or at home. 

What can you use a Bonus Box for? Let us list the ways...


They’ll know they made the right choice joining your company when you provide everything they need to be successful right off the bat. You can include everything from office supplies to headphones to company swag. Add gift cards for coffee or lunch to keep them fueled for their first week. These are especially great when onboarding remotely. 

Summer Adventures

Send your employees a box as the weather gets warmer to encourage them to get outside. Exercise and fresh air increases productivity and helps people be their best. You can include outdoor games, beach towels, and more. Don’t forget the sunscreen!  

Similarly, you can use any season as an excuse for a box—send warm weather gear in the winter or something cozy in the fall. 

Leadership Training in a Box

If you can’t all be together for leadership training, you can send supplies to accompany a training that is streamed instead of in person. We can include whatever you need for taking notes, object lessons, activities, and more. Plus, we can add branded swag so they can rep your team. 

Pro tip: You can use it as an object lesson to encourage your teammates to “think outside the box.” 

Board Games, Art Kits, and More

Cure the at-home boredom with board games (or another activity) employees can play with their families or roommates. You could choose a strategic thinking game, a game of world domination, or a game that is fun for all ages. There’s nothing like a game to bring people together—or tear them apart if they’re competitive. 

Games not your thing? Send an arts and crafts kit. Have a group paint night, build model planes, tie-dye your company swag, or learn a new skill together. You may have people who say they aren’t creative, but hands-on hobbies can help relieve stress—even when they won’t be hung on anyone’s wall (or even the fridge). Send some adult coloring books or watercolors and encourage your employees to take a moment to decompress. 

Life Events

You can use Bonus Boxes for life events including promotions, births and adoptions, and buying a new house. Send a box of diapers or other supplies to new parents. Congratulate someone on getting their Master’s or achieving one of their life goals. Send a box on a birthday or a work anniversary. You can celebrate any kind of life event with a box.

Employee Appreciation Day

Show your employees how much you appreciate them by sending them a care package on Employee Appreciation Day. (It’s March 5th, by the way).

Employee Wellness Programs

Give the gift of endorphins—or at least something to encourage your team to get moving. You can include equipment, workout clothes, something to help recovery after a workout, and all kinds of items to encourage fitness. This would be a great way to kick off a new wellness program.

Spa Day in a Box

Encourage your employees to take time to take a deep breath. Life can be stressful for everyone, so encourage your employees to relax and come back to work rejuvenated. Try sending them luxurious bath items and a gift card to use on whatever they want to treat themselves with. 

What Else Can You Use Bonus Boxes For?

These are just some of the many ideas for Bonus Boxes. You have access to thousands of products and gift card options, and we'll help you put it all together. Send some mail that’ll make your people smile—contact us to set up your bonus box program today!