Pulse Recognition – Awardco™ Cloud

Gather Feedback & Recognize

Quickly create a recognition survey and send it to the entire organization, or just a small group, to gather feedback. Who should the employee of the month or quarter be? Who has gone above and beyond this week and deserves to be recognized for their efforts? Who demonstrates our #Customer-Obsessed core value the most, and why?


Build the Recognition Pulse Survey

Building the recognition pulse survey takes three simple steps. Step One is to create a name, identify the starting and end dates of the survey, and decide how many times an individual can complete the survey or vote.

Eligible Recipients

Step Two is identifying who is eligible to be nominated or suggested, and who can fill out the survey and cast their vote. You can decide to hand-pick specific employees, or even select an entire department to participate.

Build the Questions

Step Three is to add your questions. Awardco has simplified the recognition pulse survey by allowing organizations to ask either questions that are either open-ended, or multiple choice. Build your survey with as many questions as you like, and drag the questions around to place them in the order you wish to ask employees.