What makes coworkers great to work with? Besides sharing common interests, coworkers that genuinely display the below qualities are usually the people other people want to work with:   Communicates well Is Cooperative Is an Active listener Takes blame Shares opinions Committs to the organizational mission...

Earlier this year, Accu-Screen released a study showing that a whopping 78% of resumes include misleading information, while 54% are padded with outright lies.  Job candidates lie about all kinds of things including fraudulent degrees, inflated job titles, altered dates of employment, and excised criminal histories.  It's sad to say, but the majority of resumes contain exaggerations or lies.  Accu-Screen has been charting this kind of data for over 15 years, and they say that resume falsification peaks in times of economic distress and tough job markets.  That means that companies hiring today need to be especially vigilant so they don't get duped by disingenuous job applicants. The cost of hiring a dishonest employee is steep: not only is the person likely to perform badly and possibly even swindle your company in other ways, but your company could be on the hook for damages if incompetency or an undisclosed criminal history causes problems for clients and co-workers. 5 Tools For Finding And Hiring Honest Employees: 1. Background Checks An extensive background check is the most important step you can take to suss out major issues like criminal history.  Your business can and should hire experts to perform a full background check on every employee you hire.

Your office environment has a huge influence on the dedication and productivity of your employees.  If you have problems maximizing your employees' potential, hitting goals, and preventing turnover, then you need to change your corporate culture and the feel and function of your workplace.  Everyone praises the energy and unity at offices like Google and Edward Jones, but there's no reason why your company can't be equally utopian.

5 Ways To Vastly Improve Your Office Environment:

1. Fire The Gossips

Gossiping, backbiting, criticism, and cliques have no place in the workplace.  People will never feel safe enough to share their ideas and strategies in an office where politics and grade-school social structures abound.  As CEO Dave Ramsey says.
I have fired people for gossiping, and I will again. Problems and gripes are fine but they must be handed up to leadership, not spread laterally or down. Stamp out gossip if you want to have unity in your company.

2. Fire The Complainers

Just like gossip and backstabbing, whining is extremely toxic.  My husband managed a high-volume, high-pressure sales floor where it was extremely important to keep employees continually focused, motivated, and confident.  He maintained a no-tolerance policy for complaining.  If the salespeople had a question or concern, they were always welcome to come into his office and voice their opinion - he was very open to comments and suggestions.  But they absolutely were not allowed to sit around griping and grousing.  It's destructive to the complainer and absolutely soul-sucking for all the employees who listen to it.

Some companies don't consider Facebook a prime location to find quality employees, preferring to focus on more "professional" employment-related sites like LinkedIn or Monster.com.  However, Facebook actually has many advantages for recruiting young, media-savvy, creative employees. The Advantages of Recruiting On Facebook: 1. Facebook Has More Members Than Any Other Social Media Site For sheer volume of candidates, Facebook can't be beat.  It has over a billion members, more than 5 times as many as LinkedIn. 2. More People Are Looking For A Job On Facebook Than You Think You may consider Facebook a site to share party pictures and reconnect with old boyfriends from high school, but in fact, 48% of all job-seekers (and 63% of people who have a Facebook profile) used Facebook to hunt for a job last year.