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Fremont Bank needed a better way to support their employees, and their old write-in, analog recognition programs just weren't cutting it.

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1000+ employees
20 locations
~3,000 recognitions since implementation


How does switching to an all-digital recognition platform enhance recognition and rewards?

Fremont Bank needed to change the way they recognized and rewarded their employees. They had a strong foundation of recognition with service milestone awards and programs for high achievement as a part of the culture, but the system was hampered by outdated processes. Plus, with an employee base of over 1,000 people (and growing), Fremont Bank's recognition program was not scalable.

Previous to Awardco, along with their regular service award program, Fremont Bank used a write-in system of recognition where employees could submit a note to nominate someone for recognition. Those notes would then need to be approved internally, with no tracking, automation or reporting in place. While this worked when the bank was founded in the 1960’s, it wasn’t working any more. Fremont Bank needed a new, automated, technology-focused solution.

Going digital.

Going digital.

With Awardco’s all-digital platform, Fremont Bank completely revitalized their recognition programs and automated processes that used to be entirely manual. By using Awardco to build new recognition programs to support social recognition, manager recognition and rewards, AND their service award program, Fremont Bank found they could do more in less time, and with less administration effort.

Doing more—in less time.

With automated processes, simplified and unified recognition programs, and the ability to manage it all from one platform, Fremont Bank has taken their recognition and rewards programs to the next level. Social and manager recognitions are up over 100% from their old programs, and employees feel a greater sense of value through the ability to recognize their peers often and redeem rewards on Awardco’s network of millions of items from Amazon. 

Doing more—in less time.
Reimagining recognition for a new way to work.

Reimagining recognition for a new way to work.

Fremont Bank reimagined recognition with Awardco, and saw incredible benefits—not the least of which is that they were prepared to support a remote work environment when more employees started working from home. With Awardco, Fremont Bank was well-equipped to handle this change and their culture continued to thrive even when 80% of their workforce went remote.

By taking their recognition programs digital, Fremont Bank increased capabilities, streamlined processes, and positioned themselves to keep their culture vibrant.

“Awardco has helped us expand our recognition efforts, automate our processes, and simplify our programs like never before.”
David Medina
Director of Total Rewards

Fremont Bank

Fremont Bank is a retail and commercial bank and California mortgage lender founded in 1964. As one of the oldest independent family-owned and managed banks in California, Fremont Bank knows the value of family, whether that be customers or employees, and encourages giving back in the community. To date the Fremont Bank Foundation, established in 1995, has given millions of dollars to charities in their communities, most notably nearly $4 million dollars for a new critical care facility at Washington Hospital in Fremont, California.
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