Customizing Recognition

Recognition Form Layout - From

The form layout is the form employees use to recognize employees. Awardco provides two layout options: Basic and Advanced.

Basic breaks the form out into a few sections: 1. Who do you want to recognize? 2. The reason. 3. Any Tags (i.e. core values).

Advanced is more like Twitter. In one box, type @employee name, and #core-values.

Monetary Configurations

Assign monetary budgets to employees and choose the denominations they can give. Track every transaction with a customizable report.

Social Settings

Making your recognition social can have huge effects on your workforce. Stream your Awardco Recognition feed in the breakroom, hallways, or in a browser. Users can engage with their peers when they comment on, reply to, and like posts.


The core values that built your company matter. You hired people who exemplify those core values. With Awardco, now you can track and monitor who’s living your core values with hashtags. Track with values are trending, and which need more attention. View employee strengths and areas they can improve. #integrity

Customizable Email Templates

When an employee recognizes a colleague an email is sent to the individual notifying them of the recognition. The email that is sent can be customized and branded with your colors and graphics.