Five Employee Recognition Techniques That Build Great Company Culture

There’s a lot more to building a positive company culture through Employee Recognition than just presenting a gift. It should be obvious that giving your employee a mug and then making them pay for it is a bad choice. No one wants to work for THAT boss, and hopefully no one wants to BE that boss. 

Business Man Holds Out Wrapped Gold Gift For Unknown Employee

Thank you for your many years of service… Jeff? Geoff-rey? Valued Employee.

More important than giving cheap gifts, however, is creating a culture where employees are engaged and feel valued. published an article in 2012 showcasing research they conducted on Employee Recognition. They included their findings on the five best practices companies can implement for higher productivity and lower attrition.

“Don’t just give someone a reward for being ‘employee of the month.’ Give them an award for delivering outstanding customer service when a particular problem occurred. This creates a culture of ‘doing the right thing.’”

Let’s take a look at each one, and how Awardco can help you create a culture of recognition and gratitude in your office.

1. Recognize people based on specific results and behaviors.”

Awardco lets you reward your team members individually, or as a group. You can set your own goals, and tailor them to each employee. This way your top salesperson’s performance won’t make your new-hire afraid of trying to reach an impossible goal, because his reward program can be scaled for his own performance.

“2. Implement peer to peer recognition – not top down.”

Recognition from leaders has less impact than you may think. While HR managers believe this is a key criteria for success, employees told us that they feel much better when they are recognized by their peers.”

Let your employees tell each other what a great job they’re doing by giving them shout outs, or even actual rewards with Awardco’s Peer to Peer platform. Display their messages publicly so everyone can see how great your employees are doing.

“3. Share Recognition Stories.”

Awardco will automatically keep track of how many rewards you give out to your employees. Most managers will use these reports as a way to track budgets, but they can also be used to highlight your employees’ successes. Why not show them just exactly how much you appreciate them with an actual report?

“4. Make Recognition Easy and Frequent.”

“Make it trivially simple for employees to recognize each other.”

Most companies that do this have implemented some sort of internal “points or dollars” system. Awardco will let you automate the entire process, letting you apply it to your team, department, or entire organization with ease. Recognize an employee in any department as quickly as writing a Tweet, complete with hashtags.

“5. Tie Recognition to Your Own Company Values or Goals.”

Your company has its own unique culture. The skills and attributes necessary for the success of your employees are different from those in the office next door. Use Awardco’s platform to reward employees who highlight your team, department, or company’s core values. Track them easily by hashtagging them. #TeamPlayer #TopSales #ClassClown

Let us know how Awardco is helping you create the culture Forbes says is best for keeping employees happy and engaged.

Or better yet, call us to find out how we can help you.