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If you're looking for deeper dives on rewards, recognition, why it works and why you should do it, you've come to the right place. Check out the white papers, e-books and other downloadables below.

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Employee Recognition Statistics You Need to See
Optimize the Employee Journey to Improve the Employee Experience
Company Culture
A Comprehensive Guide to Total Rewards Strategy
Company Culture
How to Effectively Reward Employee Performance
Employee Recognition Trends and Takeaways for 2023
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Tools to Improve Employee Engagement
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Lifestyle Spending Accounts: What You Need to Know
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Employee Recognition Program Ideas
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Goodness Grants February 2023: Travis Bellantino
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Employee Rewards and Recognition: 9 Strategies for 2023
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Work Culture: What It Is, Why It's Important, and How to Improve It
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Goodness Grant January 2023: Emely Hernandez
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21 Messaging Ideas for Employee Work Anniversaries
Work Anniversary
Service Awards
Company Culture
HR Trends to Remember for 2023
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Why Do Employees Quit...and Why Do They Stay?
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10 Most Redeemed Rewards in November 2022
How to Help Employees With Burnout
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The Why and How of Employee Appreciation Gifts
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Goodness Grant December 2022: Jason Hansen
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The Scientific Benefits of Gratitude in the Workplace
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10 Most Redeemed Rewards in October 2022
Workplace Diversity and Why It Works
Value-Driven Recognition: The Engine That Powers Positive Culture
Reflecting on Recognition
Leadership and Recognition: The Business Impact of Leaders Who Recognize
Cultivating Creativity in the Workplace
Employee Experience Trends
Turnkey Company Swag Store: Let Your Swag Flag Fly
Modernizing Service Milestones With MemoryBooks
Case Study: America First Credit Union
Microsoft Teams Integration With Awardco
Recognition Fuels Engagement: Downloadable Infographic
The 7 P's of Recognizing Employees
Employee Engagement ROI: What the Numbers Say
The Psychology of Employee Recognition
Awardco Integrates With BambooHR
New Feature: Awardco Slack Integration
Awardco's Progressive Web Application (PWA)
A COVID-19 Q&A With CEO Steve Sonnenberg
Impact of Employee Engagement: More Than a Buzzword
Why and How to Say Thank You to Employees
A Quick Guide to Rewards and Recognition in the Workplace: Then & Now
Awardco Highlighted as Featured Amazon Business Partner
Awardco Integrates With Tango Card
Every Day Is Day One
5 Techniques to Create a Culture of Recognition in the Workplace
Why This Obscure Satisfaction Theory Matters to Your Company
Rewarding Employees Without Money: Why Paychecks Alone Won't Engage Employees
Peer Recognition: Best Practices, Ideas, and Program Examples
Recognition and Schrödinger's Cat—A Purrfect Match
Setting Effective and Rewarding Goals at Work
5 Tips to Giving Effective Employee Recognition Programs
How Rewards & Recognition Strengthen Your Organization
The Employee Recognition Advantage
Reward Compensation: The Future of Bonuses at Work
2022 State of Recognition Report
The Workplace of the Future
Service Awards Survival Guide
Modern Employee Wellness
Reimagine Recognition
How to Lose a New Hire in 10 Days
Value-Driven Recognition
The State of Human Experience in the Workplace 2021
Rekindle the Flame of Service Awards
3 Drivers of Employee Engagement
The 80s Called and They Want Their Recognition Programs Back
The Business Impact of Leaders Who Recognize
Rewards and Recognition is Back Baby!
The Employee Journey: Holidays at Work
The Employee Journey: How Employee Milestones, Holiday Celebrations, and Recognition Address Burnout
How Employee Rewards & Recognition Strengthen Your Organization
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HR Tech 2023
SHRM Annual Conference
World at Work 2023
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