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Awardco is more than just a technology. We have a team full of helpful experts ready to assist you in developing new, innovative recognition programs that can take what you’re currently offering from good to great. And we do it all on one intuitive, consolidated platform.


Been there. Done that.

We’ve seen every type of program imaginable and have helped organizations of all sizes. We know how to scale your recognition programs and tailor the Awardco platform to your needs, whether your headcount is 200 or 2 million. Using this experience our team of experts will help you establish best practices to develop programs that are seen, used, and appreciated.

Spot Recognition

A staple of recognition, spot recognition programs are our bread and butter - and we know how to make them flavorful!

Nomination Programs

Some recognitions require nominations and approvals. We have experience building, optimizing, and making such programs powerful.

Social Recognition

Recognition is better with friends! We'll help you set up your social recognition programs to engage your workforce in their own recognition.


Keep your employees healthy and happy with wellness programs. Draw on our expertise to keep your workforce in tip top shape.

Sales Competition

We've driven client's sales efforts to new heights through recognition and incentive programs, and we want to help you do the same!

Service Anniversaries

Recognizing service anniversaries is vital to engagement. We can help you automate this process and create a rewarding anniversary program.

Onboarding Program

Onboarding new employees? Yep, we've got a program for that too. We'll help you engage your employees from day one.


Remembering a birthday can mean the world to someone, and we'll empower you to make it special through birthday recognitions.


Keeping your employees safe on the job is vital. We'll help you create the most powerful safety recognition program available.

New to recognition, or don’t quite know where to begin? We can help with that. Reach out and we’ll walk you through program options.


Endless options in one spot. Like a buffet.

Running multiple employee recognition and engagement programs used to be a chore. Different logins, disparate reports, separate user management, etc. Administration in Awardco is simple since we offer all of our recognition capabilities in one platform with shared files, reports, budgets, and more. Can your current recognition efforts offer that?

Deep Dive Recognition Program Inspiration

Service award experts, at your service.

Our team will work with you to design the perfect, highest quality awards that reflect your brand and values, and we do it with no markups. Use custom deliverables to celebrate the service milestones and outstanding work of your employees.



We’re no stranger to custom engravings on awards. We know how to make a regular recognition a meaningful moment with custom engravings.



With our years of experience we can take custom certificates recognizing great work from ordinary to extraordinary.



Commemorating anniversaries for loyal employees often calls for more than a certificate. We source, design, and customize numeral recognitions for these special occasions.


and More…

If a numeral, certificate, or engraving isn’t quite your style, we offer customized plaques, water bottles, blankets, travel kits, flashlights, pens, quality keychains, and much more.


Program your Programs

Awardco’s technology has helped some of the world’s largest companies dramatically increase employee engagement and recognition program ROI. Some of the ways we do this are by automating scheduled recognition, reducing required administration effort, and minimizing human error.

database of a birthday recognition program

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Awardco is about impactful recognition. It’s about choice. Let your employees choose rewards they care about, so they know you care about them.