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Comment, Like, and View

Are you ready to make your recognition and incentive programs social? Awardco provides an easy setting that allows you to turn social recognition on and off. Social recognition allows all employees to see all recognition throughout the organization in real time.


Social Filters

Slice and dice the data directly on the Social Feed. For example, show all of the client success department recognitions for the “deliver-results” hashtag.

Comment & Like Recognitions

Comment on, and Like recognitions as they happen in real time.

How Many Recognitions Have I Given?
How Many Recognitions Did I Receive?

Social Recognition Data

Awardco’s social recognition programs yield important analytics that help guide the development of a healthy employee culture.

Stream the Live Social Feed - Build Culture

Broadcast your company’s culture by making it social. Awardco’s Social Recognition API allows you to extract the Social Recognition feed and display the data anywhere. Stream the social feed directly on your company’s Intranet, display it live on a TV monitor in the hallways or break room, or simply view it in a web browser. Foster positive engagement and comradery amongst employees; create a work environment that anyone would be loath to leave. Use live display to also show clients, guests, and potential employees that your company culture is rewarding and exciting.

Employee Recognition Programs

Employee recognition programs like Awardco foster activities and attitudes on a daily basis that grow into bigger and better results. Find out how easy it is to create trust among teams and managers. Feed employee development by sharing your employees’ passion for their work and each other’s accomplishments. Cultivate a workplace that boosts confidence and incentivizes employees to reach beyond their own goals and limits. Employee rewards don’t have to come in the form of a check  or small thank you card anymore. With Awardco’s Employee Recognition program you can change not only the way you approach employee recognition, but so much more.


Awardco’s Employee Recognition software gives the best and easiest solutions to rewarding employees. By shaking the dust off of old school recognition programs and giving them a new and modern spin, you’ll find that Awardco’s programs can make employee recognition and appreciation something that is not only rewarding to your employees, but also to your company. Watch as your employees blossom while at the same time watching your company culture bloom and thrive with just the click of a button.