Spot Recognition – Awardco™ Cloud

Instant Recognition

Recognizing in the moment is more powerful than waiting days, or even months to provide positive feedback and recognition. Provide the tools for managers and employees to recognize on the spot, quickly, and make it more meaningful to each person.



Create Spot Recognition Budgets and Assign to Employees to Manage

Create spot recognition budgets and assign them to employees to manage. Employees with monetary budgets can give a monetary value and recognition message on the spot: any time, any place. Employees will be notified of the recognition via email, or the recognition can be printed and hand delivered.

Reward Options

Awardco has built the most extensive reward network in the market. With one smooth platform, employees can redeem:


  • merchandise
  • Hotel stays from
  • Visa Reward Cards
  • Tickets to Sporting Events, Broadway Shows, Concerts, Disneyland, etc.
  • Merchant Gift Cards for dining, shopping, entertainment, etc.


Give your employees personally chosen incentives that will inspire engagement and overall improvement. Add your company’s branded products to the catalog builder to give your employees unique choices they can’t get anywhere else while also bonding them with the brand they work for. Curate specific catalogs for each quarter, different seasons, different departments, levels of achievement, and more. Awardco doesn’t markup prices for any reward, so you can offer your employees more while spending less with our corporate incentive program.