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1-100 Users
Everything a small organization or department needs to run a solid employee recognition program.
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Over 100 Users Added features and administration controls that larger organizations require to run a large-scale program.


Yep, we have that. Spot Recognition Yep, we have that.
Yep, we have that. Social Feed Yep, we have that.
Yep, we have that. Budget Manager Yep, we have that.
Yep, we have that. Reporting & Dashboards Yep, we have that.
Products Redemption Options Products, Gift Cards, Hotels, Event Tickets, Product Upload
Same day, no fee Implementation 4-6 Weeks with nominal fee
No contract Contract Annual
Bulk Recognition Yep, we have that.
Service Milestone Awards Yep, we have that.
Birthday Automation Yep, we have that.
Onboarding Programs Yep, we have that.
Nomination System Yep, we have that.
Approval Process Yep, we have that.
Pulse Recognition Voting System Yep, we have that.
HRIS Integration Yep, we have that.
Rest API Yep, we have that.
Single Sign On Yep, we have that.
Multiple Email Templates Yep, we have that.
International Fulfillment Yep, we have that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

Registered Amazon Business customers in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada, and Japan benefit from free two-day shipping options on eligible orders with Business Prime. International shipping costs and options vary based on product and country.

How does Awardco save my company money?

We don’t mark up items, so your employees get to redeem products at actual cost, which essentially means more budget and more rewards. We only charge a small software fee (and one-time implementation if applicable). Shipping expenses for our registered Amazon Business customers typically decrease as well. On the whole, we save companies between 40-70% of their previous vendor expenses.

Do you offer service awards?

Yes! Awardco works with you to find the perfect service award that matches the style and tone of your program. With a dedicated account manager to help you design, process, and fulfill service awards, you can feel confident in your ability to celebrate the milestones of all your employees.

What integrations and sign-on options do you have?

Awardco integrates with Amazon business, so orders are sent to Amazon within seconds for fulfillment. Beyond that, Awardco is compatible with all HRIS systems and can streamline the process of importing employee data onto the platform. Integration is available through an API or SFTP method, and you can add additional metadata fields for advanced reporting abilities. Awardco only supports SAML 2, and has various integrations with OKTA, Google, and others. Single sign-on is an option.

Can employees add their own funds to their point balance when purchasing an item to make up the difference?

Employees can’t add their own funds to their point balances. The main reason for this is to make it as easy as possible for companies to account for their money, specifically when it comes to budgeting and reporting. We also want to make sure recognition is all about receiving a gift from the company, rather than having to purchase a reward. Still, a way around this is for the employee to buy a gift card or virtual visa with points, and then they are free to use it and add extra funds as necessary.

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