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A Way to Measure your Culture

What are your company values and how do you encourage your employees to live by them to strengthen your brand? Just as hashtags track online trends, Awardco uses them to track company values. Employees can use approved hashtags in their recognition (e.g. #teamwork) to highlight your company values when they see other employees living them in real time. Leaders can view reports to see who is living their brand, where their culture is thriving, and what can be done to help that culture grow.


  • #customer-obsessed

    The more we give, the more we get in return. Awardco has been built by our customers. We love them, we listen to them.

  • #learn-new-things

    Employees are curious about new possiblities and eager to expand their knowledge to further our purpose to make the world a more positive place.

  • #transparent

    We win business by being transparent and honest. We treat our employees the same way.

  • #impact

    You focus on the results over process. You make everyone around you better. You change the world.

  • #passion

    You inspire through your efforts. You are tenacious and optimistic. You are confident, yet humble.

Make It Simple - Recognize Values in Real-Time

Recognition works best when it’s simple. One small act that can last a lifetime. Type in one or more employees you would like to recognize. Share the reason for recognition, and tag one or more values that fits with your message. If you have been given a budget, you can add a monetary amount. Monetary recognition is optional, but always impactful, especially with Awardco’s redemption options.


Customer Obsessed





Measure the Impact of Your Values - Are Your Employees Living Them?

For the first time you can measure your corporate culture and identify the values your employees are (or aren’t) living. These insights allow you to quickly pivot and make necessary strategic adjustments to ensure your overall employee experience continues improving.


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