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Enterprise product, SME price

Premium-level features at a price you can afford for your specific organisation.

Simplify recognition with automation

Automate service anniversaries, birthdays, and onboarding and free your workday from mundane tasks.

Timely spot recognition programmes

Build a culture of appreciation with peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee recognition programmes.

Quick implementation timeline

Implementing a new system is time consuming. Not here. We’ll have you up and running in a fortnight.

Drive behavior, build culture, and retain great people.

Transform Your Workplace: See how rewards & recognition with Awardco can help!

  • Simple to use, all-in-one platform

  • Easily customise your total rewards programmes

  • Save time with automations for recurring celebrations

  • Incentivise anything, for everyone

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Transform Your Workplace: See how rewards & recognition with Awardco can help!

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Awardco makes it easy for multiple levels of recognition to be provided in a large organisation. Our peer recognitions have tripled since implementation which increases employee engagement. There is a wide variety of choices for employees to pick from when they would like to use their points.

Samantha W.

We love the ease of using Awardco! The customer service and representatives that they have working for Awardco are stellar, they are always making recommendations to us on how we can better reward our teams. We use Awardco for a multitude of things from recognising anniversaries, recognition programmes, employee referral programmes and so much more!

Christina C.

The informed self-service nature of Awardco is perfectly suited for high performing companies. The fact that employees are given the ability to reward and recognise each other, with preset limits, is truly a great way to foster corporate culture! When awards are given, they are not just blind, but given in the context of the cornerstone company values. Not just "hey you're great" but "here's why you're great and how you support our company values.

Jay P.

Great customer support, many products for user to choose from. Easy to use as it is connected to Amazon online shopping. Good features and design. Pricing is also reasonable and acceptable.


I love it!! It's a lovely way to say a "job well done, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work". It truly helps me to enjoy what I do even more. So, Thank you!


I thoroughly enjoy Awardco and would recommend it to anyone. I have used it weekly since I enrolled in the system. It is so easy to utilise and to access the gift card awards. I am glad that my company is using this type of service. The whole process is easy to follow, they offer support services and feedback is welcomed.I have been using for about a month and I looking forward to being a part of Awardco in the upcoming months. Thanks ever so much for making it so user friendly and easy to navigate.

Kimberly G.
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You're in Good Company

Lauren Long
HR Operations Manager at SEF Energy

“Awardco allows everything to support our key values and our mission, which is very important to us because that strengthens our culture.”

Logan Harrelson
Recruiter at Necco

"Awardco is a brilliant way to give rewards and shoutouts to our employees who sacrifice and assist and go above and beyond."

Jeff Jensen
Director of HR, Hunt Brothers Pizza

“Awardco brought our recognition programmes into the 21st century.”

Monica Delgado
Senior Manager of Total Rewards & Wellbeing at BPM

“We use recognition as a tool to motivate and encourage our employees—everyone knows Awardco because we actively use it for any and all incentives for employees.”

Brittany Madonna
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Automation is something that is really important for us—we try to automate as much as we can so that we can focus on what's important. And Awardco's automation and integrations have fitted in perfectly

Rosie Scannell
Global HR

“Awardco has been crucial in helping TaylorMade modernise and evolve our employee recognition programme.”

Marko Brkic
Employee Experience Manager at Seven Bridges

“We fell in love with the Awardco platform from the off because it's so simple, and yet it also has so many customisation options to add to it.”

Annasuela Fritz
HR Projects and Recognition Manager

“With Awardco we’ve taken employee recognition global—something we were never able to do before.”

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