Awardco and Amazon Business have teamed up to make employee recognition more rewarding.

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The Awardco® Cloud

Through the Awardco Cloud, we are changing the way organizations recognize, reward and engage employees. It’s our mission to brighten the world by celebrating moments that matter!

  • Service Anniversaries

    Celebrate important milestones, and improve your award options with products from Amazon, free shipping, and amazing service.

  • Spot Recognition

    Reward peers on the spot, quickly and simply.

  • Social Recognition

    Make your recognition programs more transparent by allowing all employees to view, comment on, and like every post.

  • Nomination Programs

    Allow all employees to suggest a monetary recognition, but funnel the nomination through an approval process.

  • Incentive Budgets

    Run all incentive programs through Awardco to easily create budgets, and assign budgets to various managers to supervise.

  • Performance Recognition

    Recognize results, set benchmarks, and watch your employees achieve them.

  • Birthday Celebrations

    Automate and send beautifully crafted emails on each colleague’s birthday. Sweeten the deal by adding points for a Starbucks gift card, or the latest movie from Amazon.

  • Value Recognition

    Instill your culture into your recognition programs, and allow employees to hashtag your company’s #core-values.

  • Pulse Recognition

    Create a quick pulse recognition survey. Build your own questions, then send the questions to the entire company, or just a small targeted team. Recognize the winners.

  • Recognition API

    Use a .CSV file to upload and schedule single, or thousands of scheduled recognitions. Schedule deliveries down to the hour to make someone’s morning, day, or evening.


Amazon Products

Hundreds of millions of products with free shipping options.

Gift Cards

The largest selection of gift cards around the world


The easiest way to send cash to reward recipient in 100 different countries

Priceline Hotels

50,000 hotel options around the globe

Event Tickets

Local shows, Broadway, sporting events, concerts, amusement parks, and so much more

Upload Products

Upload company swag items, PTO, or anything your employees would like

The Highest Rated Award Network

Awardco’s technology integrates with some of the best brands in the world, giving your employees an amazing experience every time a monetary gift is extended.

Top 6 Reasons to Use Awardco

Awardco is revolutionizing the way companies recognize their employees’ achievements and milestones. We want to help you do the same.