Simple Recognition, Happy Employees

Awardco lets you reward your employees with the Amazon products they love. Let them choose rewards they actually care about, so they know you care about them.

Recognize & Reward Teams At Every Level


Build and manage company-wide programs for service awards, spot recognition, wellness, etc.


Offer motivational incentives for reaching quota, performance, and one-off contests.

Customer Service

Recognize representatives for positive satisfaction scores, ticket completions, and testimonials.


Encourage passion and innovation as your marketing teams work to build your brand.


Recruit and retain top talent with a program that rewards ambition and consistency.


Reward customer loyalty and incentivize buyers/vendors with an exciting new program.

A Simple Way to Reward

1. Select the employee you want to recognize.

2. Personalize the award and choose a monetary amount.

3. The employee receives a notification and selects a reward.

A Better Way to Redeem

Offer hundreds of millions of reward options to your employees by integrating with Amazon Business, so they can choose exactly what they want.

Trusted by Millions of Customers Around the World


Organizations across all industries are using Awardco: from small dental practices, doctor’s offices, and startups to non-profits, universities, and large enterprises.

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