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Employee Incentive Programs for All

Besides being a really sweet nickname for “Ernie”, Earn programs are a simple way to incentivize employees to hit goals, complete tasks, and be part of initiatives of all kinds. The best part? Employees can redeem points on the largest rewards network on the planet.

Awardco Earn incentivizes employees

incentive programs

Incentive programs made easy.

Build incentive programs customizable to your organization, goals, and budgets. Incentivize sales, wellness, safety, participation, and so much more.

Automate your Sales Incentives

Sales incentives without the headache.

Awardco’s partnership with Amazon Business offers teams the power to customize incentives, choose from millions of rewards, and manage multiple programs at once—all in one platform.

Offer Choice

Standard spiffs don't incentivize teams like they used to—choice and variety do.

Drive Engagement

Create curated catalogs with unique, meaningful, and motivating prizes.

Save Time

Simplify and save time with program automation and easy incentive creation.

Easily create your earn programs.
Easily create your earn programs.

Custom incentive programs

Flexible Programs

Create a custom incentive program in minutes. Set desired eligibility, then promote and reward behavior.

Employees claim their rewards.
Employees claim their rewards.

Self-Directed rewards & recognition

Leader Guided, Employee Driven

Build a program, incentivize participation, and let employees easily claim rewards.

Approve rewards with one-click.
Approve rewards with one-click.

Reduce Administration TIme


Use incentive programs to take care of all the mundane (but mandatory!) tasks that eat up so much of your time so you can take care of more important things: your people.

Simple employee incentive programs.
Simple employee incentive programs.

Simple incentive programs

Easy as Pie

Incentivizing employees to take charge of their own personal and professional progress has never been easier—or more rewarding.