Recognition for Customer Support

Recognition Supports Your Support Team

Customer Support is a tough department—recognition can keep morale and engagement high while rewarding effort and retaining your best people.

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Customer Support Pain Points

Challenges Customer Support Teams Face

Burnout: Customer-facing employees often struggle with stress and fatigue
Retention: Average turnover rates for support roles is a very high 30-45%
Disengagement: CS employees are often stressed and dissatisfied, harming their effectiveness

Recognition Solves Customer Service Challenges

Effective recognition can lower turnover, increase loyalty, and build a culture of engagement and motivation.

How does Awardco help combat burnout?

Recognition helps employees feel valued and appreciated, which reduces stress and burnout. Awardco makes recognition easy and personal so that everyone feels involved.

Notable Burnout-Relieving Features:

  • Create custom wellness programs that empower healthy behaviors with our InHealth integration
  • Lifestyle Spending Accounts add flexible cash for employees to use on well-being purchases
  • Offer multiple customized recognition programs so that everyone gets recognized

How can Awardco boost retention?

Use recognition programs, millions of reward options, incentives, and more to help your people enjoy their time at work.

Notable Retention Features:

  • Upgraded service awards to reward employee loyalty
  • Create employee milestone programs to celebrate accomplishments and life events
  • Spread recognition throughout the year with fully customizable program options
  • One client, WOW! mobile boutique, has seen a 30% drop in attrition since implementing Awardco.

How can Awardco boost engagement?

Frequent recognition, along with incentives that everyone can participate in, can keep employees engaged and productive.

Notable Engagement Features:

  • Peer-to-peer recognition can keep everyone involved and excited about recognition
  • Customized incentives reward your top performers, drive productive behaviors, and ensure everyone strives for excellence.
  • One client, CloudFit Software, has seen a 350% increase in their employee engagement on the platform.

Customer story

Other Customer Support companies we work with

“Awardco has so much to offer in a robust, electronic platform. I've not heard a single complaint from anyone who uses it at Pacific Life.”

Amberlee Taylor
Sr. Communications Specialist

“Awardco has offered [customizability] that allows us to cater to our employees’ needs and recognize what they are doing and change it as the environment changes as well.”

Eric Crow
Administrator, Risk Management and Safety

"I could rave to millions of people that I think this should be the platform of choice."

Ryan Zellner
Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager

“I didn’t expect as much engagement around each other’s recognitions…our company’s spread all over the country, and Awardco has really helped people feel connected.”

Hannah Fagan
Human Resource Leader

“We hear positive feedback about Awardco from employees all the time! They love the program, especially the peer-to-peer recognition feature. Reading through the recognition feed and seeing what employees are posting about one another reinforces our culture and just brings joy.”

Kymberlee Stephens
Director of Employee Experience and Wellness