Using Recognition to Build a Healthy Remote Culture

CloudFit Software increased engagement and enhanced their culture with their robust, far-reaching recognition programs.

At A Glance

350% increase in employee engagement
5-8 hours a week saved with automation
60 nominations for their end-of-year awards

About CloudFit Software

CloudFit Software provides IT services as a DoD company that also delivers to commercial customers. CloudFit enables and accelerates the digital transformation journey by leveraging the Microsoft 365 Platform. Their mission is to run every mission-critical workload which includes deciding what to move to the cloud, deciding when to move it, and doing the work to move it securely.

The Challenge

How do you get people engaged when almost 60% of the workforce is remote?

With nearly 200 employees spread out over 28 states, Cloudfit Software wanted to enhance their culture and get people more engaged and involved. However, their old recognition platform wasn’t cutting it—only 20% of employees were engaged with it.

“We hear positive feedback about Awardco from employees all the time! They love the program, especially the peer-to-peer recognition feature. Reading through the recognition feed and seeing what employees are posting about one another reinforces our culture and just brings joy.”

Kymberlee Stephens
Director of Employee Experience and Wellness

The Solution

Recognition That Gets Everyone Involved

CloudFit Software strove to create programs that really got their employees excited about recognition. One of the first things they did was implement a peer-to-peer recognition program that allowed everyone to recognize and be recognized by each other much more often.

In addition to that, they implemented a nomination program for end-of-year awards. Each award ties directly to a company core value, so not only did this get employees excited to nominate each other, it also reinforced the value-driven behavior that CloudFit Software loves to see.

Through these programs, and the many efforts of their People Ops team and leaders, CloudFit Software has seen a jump from 20% engagement on their previous platform to 90% engagement with Awardco! (That’s a 350% increase!)

And the best part is, that massive jump in engagement hasn’t taken more effort. In fact, CloudFit Software’s People Ops team saves 5-8 hours every week with Awardco’s automated emails, reporting, and budgeting.

The Solution

Culture to Combat Isolation

With employees spread all over the country, CloudFit Software wanted a platform that effectively brought people together and strengthened their bonds. Their new recognition platform is making that easier than ever.

Here’s a great example of this: a company leader who lives near Seattle used Awardco’s Surveys feature to ask other employees who lived in the area if they’d want to get together for an in-person holiday party on a weekend. They wanted to give employees a chance to see each other, celebrate with each other, and really feel like a part of the team.

Over 15 employees, living various distances away, said yes. These people were happy to drive to a work holiday party on a weekend, which just shows how strong CloudFit Software’s culture has become!

Awardco has provided significant time savings. Our previous program was clunky, manual, and time consuming. Now, with the automation capabilities available through Awardco, my team saves 5-8 hours a week!

Kymberlee Stephens
Director of Employee Experience and Wellness

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