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200 people strong...
and growing.

We're 200 people strong and growing.

We have snacks, we have a great view of the mountains, and most importantly—the work itself is rewarding (literally). We’re in the business of making people’s work lives better by recognizing and rewarding those who work hard, and we practice what we preach in our own office by recognizing and rewarding our own employees.

We think work should be comfy.
Ethan is a front-end developer, and he's pretty rad.
Holiday festivities are part of the fun.
Awardco swag is everywhere.

Perks at Awardco

A better way to work.

Successful and Growing

We're growing at a steady rate. When you join our team you'll have room to grow and progress.

Rewarding Culture

We're all about rewards here and of course we use our own platform.

Competitive Pay

We value the work you do and will compensate you fairly.

Unlimited PTO

We mean it. Go on that trip. Take that mental health day. Participate in that service project. We're not stressing—and neither should you.

Employee Resource Groups

We have a Women's ERG that provides resources and training and are looking to add more ERGs as we grow.

Resort Passes

Hit the slopes and enjoy skiing, hiking, lift rides, or mountain biking with our corporate pass.

We once were few, but now we are many.
We're crazy-sweaters-and-hot-cocoa zany.
Our swag game is on point.

Work at Awardco

We want love your job.

We’re not going to say, “we’re like a family here” because you don’t have to spend your holidays with us and no one will repeatedly ask you why you can’t be more like your sister. But we are a team working toward the same goal, and we support each other. We want to hire people from diverse backgrounds who are talented and collaborative.

Back before COVID, we could play on sports teams without masks.
Pre-covid sportsball team activity.

Open Positions

Come work with us.

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