Recognition for Sales Teams

Drive Productivity and Retain Top Performers

Sales teams have a stressful, high-pressure job. Keep motivation and morale high while pushing performance with recognition.

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Sales Pain Points

Common Challenges Sales Teams Face

Retention: Sales teams often have an above-average turnover rate of 35%.
Motivation: Keeping diverse sales teams motivated and working hard can be challenging.
Burnout: Salespeople are often under pressure, causing high levels of stress and burnout.

Recognition Can Solve Sales' Woes

Employee recognition can increase retention, heighten engagement, and boost motivation—it’s the solution for sales teams of any size, demographic, or industry.

How does Awardco help your retention efforts?

Create recognition programs that reach all of your salespeople, no matter where they work. Plus, you can incentivize and reward all kinds of performance at all levels, so no one feels left out.

Notable Retention Features:

  • Create any number of customized recognition programs that reach everyone
  • Implement sales incentives that drive productive behaviors and reward excellence
  • Offer millions of rewards so that employees can choose what’s best for them
  • One Awardco client, Wow! mobile boutique, saw their attrition drop by 30% after implementing Awardco.

How can Awardco help reduce burnout?

You can create wellness programs through the Awardco platform that will drive healthy behaviors and reward your employees for managing their stress. Plus, recognition for hard work can lower stress.

Notable Wellness Features:

  • Encourage healthy behaviors with data-driven wellness programs through our integration with InHealth
  • Offer Lifestyle Spending Accounts to add a flexible benefit to each employee’s paycheck
  • Create a spot recognition program to recognize anyone on the spot, ensuring effort never goes unnoticed

How can Awardco increase your team’s motivation?

Recognition is one of the greatest motivators for employees—and you can provide consistent, fair, and rewarding recognition through Awardco.

Notable Motivating Features:

  • Create custom reward catalogs to motivate any and every personality
  • Plan incentives that really push each salesperson to succeed
  • Use the social feed to allow everyone to react to recognitions and recognize in turn

Customer story

Other Sales companies we work with

‍“What I love most is the reporting aspect. It’s something that reinforces the impact of Awardco, and it shows that the work we’re doing is paying off.”

Marko Brkic
Employee Experience Manager

“One of the biggest things we were looking for was a platform that’s easily accessible for all of our employees. We needed it to be simple and intuitive, and not take a lot of training.”

Lauren Long
HR Operations Manager

“Awardco has offered [customizability] that allows us to cater to our employees’ needs and recognize what they are doing and change it as the environment changes as well.”

Eric Crow
Administrator, Risk Management and Safety

“Awardco is not only a fantastic recognition solution but a fantastic technology solution that also provides recognition. Awardco has given us a level of confidence we didn’t have before.”

Annasuela Fritz
HR Projects and Recognition Manager

“We’ve given our employees something they never had before: the power to choose their own rewards. And if that wasn’t enough, we save money because the products aren’t marked up! Awardco truly brought our recognition programs into the 21st century.”

Jeff Jensen
Director of HR