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“Awardco has given us the opportunity to figure out how to put that personal touch back into recognition even if employees are remote. ”

Mary-Jane Padullo
HR and Corporate Resources
First Choice Health

“I love the simplicity of the program and the ease of taxes. We were really worried about that, but it’s been really easy.”

Nealy Whisler
Global Director of Talent Management

‍“Getting buy-in was super easy. No one really questions it. After all, what’s wrong with recognizing people and telling them they did a good job?”

Christina Castro
Training Leader
Quick Quack Car Wash

“We hear positive feedback about Awardco from employees all the time! They love the program, especially the peer-to-peer recognition feature. Reading through the recognition feed and seeing what employees are posting about one another reinforces our culture and just brings joy.”

Kymberlee Stephens
Director of Employee Experience and Wellness
CloudFit Software

“Implementation was super simple, and the Awardco team was prompt with help and provided plenty of training. After only a couple of weeks, I was able to do most things on my own, which was great.”

Marko Brkic
Employee Experience Manager
Seven Bridges

“Our turnover definitely went down after implementing Awardco, especially compared to the previous year. We’ve noticed that recognition, along with rewards like Amazon items and prepaid Visa cards, has had a big impact on retention…without being a huge cost to the company.”

Sonia Magdaleno
Talent and Engagement Specialist