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Find out how to reimagine recognition in your organization and run multiple programs, offer millions of rewards, and save money all in one platform.

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“I kinda feel like Awardco is Team Netflix and I'm on Team Blockbuster.”
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(Yes, this really did happen. No, we won't tell you who said it.)
Spot recognition programs
Multiple recognition programs in one platform
Value-driven recognition
Social feed
Bulk recognition
Recognition program automation
Nomination system
Flexible approval processes
Email notifications
Holiday programs
Sales incentives
Birthday program automation
Service anniversary programs
Selective service award catalogs for physical awards or products
No-hassle service award taxes with Smart Award Networks
MemoryBooks™ digital service awards
Onboarding programs
Teammate celebration reminders
Custom Bonus Boxes
Traditional Service Awards
Commemorative awards like certificates and plaques
Largest reward network in the world
Partnership with Amazon Business
Free and convenient shipping straight to employees
Worldwide hotel network
Event tickets
Curated catalogs
Custom product upload
Smart Award Networks to direct reward spend
Turn-key swag store
Hundreds of gift cards
International fulfillment
Easy employee incentive programs
Customize rewards based on performance
Specify eligibility based on metadata
Review and approve progress
Multiple incentive programs in one platform
Perfect for wellness, safety and security compliance
All your data in one place
Easy budget manager
Robust reporting including data export
HRIS integration
Rest API
Single Sign-on
Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations
Avoid import fees and taxes
Awardco app (PWA)
Custom platform and app branding
Tax reporting and management
All your data in one place

Frequently asked questions.

How will Awardco save my company money?

We don’t mark up items, so your employees get to redeem products at actual cost, which essentially means more budget and more rewards. We only charge a small software fee (and one-time implementation if applicable). Shipping expenses for our registered Amazon Business customers typically decrease as well. Most new Awardco clients are pleased to find that their TOTAL Awardco software fee is less than the shipping costs with their previous vendor and, on the whole, shave off 40-70% of their previous vendor expenses.

What integrations and sign-on options do you have?

Awardco makes managing all your programs easy with integrations that extend your existing tech stack. We integrate with Amazon business, so orders are sent to Amazon within seconds for fulfillment. Awardco is single sign-on capable and is also compatible with all HRIS systems. We streamline the process of importing employee data onto the platform to make management easier. Integration is available through an API or SFTP method, and you can add additional metadata fields for advanced reporting abilities. Awardco only supports SAML 2, and has various integrations with OKTA, Slack and Microsoft Teams to recognize in existing communication channels.

How much is shipping?

Registered Amazon Business customers in North America, Europe, U.K., Brazil, U.A.E., India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia benefit from free shipping options on eligible orders with Business Prime. International shipping costs and options vary based on product and country.

Do you offer service awards?

Yes! Awardco works with you to find the perfect combination of experiences to reward your tenured employees. With a dedicated account manager to help you design, process, and fulfill service awards, you can feel confident in your ability to celebrate the milestones of all your employees.

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