Privacy Policy

Awardcos’ online privacy policy covers the use and disclosure of personal information that may be collected anytime a user interacts with Awardco. Such interactions include visiting any of our web sites, using the Service, or when calling our sales and support departments. A detailed privacy statement is found at the site. In addition, the Terms of Use state acceptable policies regarding the Awardco Services.


Information Collected for the Sale
Awardco collects information for the purpose of software licensing, billing, and practices related with selling of the services. Some information may be used to notify registered Service users about new features, special announcements, and events. Users may opt-out of these communications.

Awardco does not sell or make available any information about our customers or their data without their expressed permission per contractual agreement (such arrangements are typically for testimonials)—except as might be required by a law enforcement agency in regards to copyright/patent violations or unlawful acts. At no time will Awardco voluntarily disclose customer information without a court order and the consent of the customer (see below). We maintain a database of user information which is used only for internal purposes such as technical support and notification of changes to the Service.

Awardco Service Users
Awardco’s Service users (those with a unique user account) transmit all data to servers via secure Internet connections. Users will have access to redeem products from Awardco’s reward network according to the points that have been distributed by an administrator, or department manager who has access to give points. Master Administrators control the brand, including adding new users, de-activating users, distributing points to users, controlling the products available to users, and setting up the overall point budget that the brand can distribute to users. There is an option to require approval when points are distributed, thereby enabling a manager (or other designated user) to review before points are distributed. Awardco is not responsible for any data lost or stolen through hacking or negligence by customers’ users.

Customer Training and Support
Awardco University (or technical support) staff may ask for personal information before accessing a user’s account, if the request is by phone or email. However they will never ask for a user’s password. Passwords are salted-hashed values and not viewable by any Awardco employee. We also ask for minimal personal/company information when registering for a meeting, and other details as appropriate for purchasing an Awardco license. Further, with the customer’s permission, Awardco may access a user’s account to resolve or investigate a software issue within the system or account.

Customer Relations
Awardco may contact our customers by email or phone for renewals. If the contact is for marketing purposes, the user may opt-out of those communications.

WWW Practices
Awardco collects and analyzes aggregate information of visitors, including the domain name, referring URLs, and other publicly available information. We use this information to help improve our Web site and services, and to customize the content of our pages for each visitor. Cookies are only used to maintain the session state, and do not include any response or other personal data.

Service Billing
Awardco uses secure third party services for online wire transfers.

When we would Disclose Your Information
Awardco does not sell or rent contact information to other marketers or vendors. Any disclosure of information within Awardco (as a company) is strictly to assist with technical or customer service issues. We have high security measures to keep data safe. We maintain strict control over access to data. The only employees who are permitted to access Data are those with a business need to know. Awardco reserves the right to transfer customer information within the company throughout the licensing process: for example, from sales staff to accounting.

Awardco will only disclose customer information as legally required—upon a valid court order under United States or European laws—or by law enforcement or governmental agencies for national security or other issues of public importance (for example, acts of war). In any case, customers will be notified as soon as reasonably possible, where allowable by law, if any request is made to disclose their name or any detail of their association with Awardco.

How we Protect Your Information
Awardco takes preventative measures to protect all customer information, both programmatically and through employee training. All employees must attend yearly security awareness programs (covering privacy and other policies) and sign confidentiality agreements. Security updates and reminders are sent to all employees quarterly. New employees are also given security training.

Verification of Policies and Regulations
All policy verification is handled through the security and compliance departments. Awardco has established internal procedures to review, identify, and track compliance of policies, risk management objectives and regulatory issues.

How We Investigate Privacy Breaches
In the event of a request regarding privacy, a formal statement may be sent to, or by calling the Awardco Support phone number. Awardco will assign a case manager and provide all necessary documentation for review. Within a reasonable time, or as stipulated by contractual agreement, the case manager will conduct a formal review, and provide the findings to the user that requested the review. In the event that violations of this agreement are discovered, Awardco will immediately seek a solution to the violating actions. The conditions set forth in the Terms of Service or any specific agreement between customer and Awardco shall govern any action that follows an inquiry.

Statutory Body for Privacy Questions or Disputes
The Federal Trade Commission has jurisdiction to hear any claims against the organization regarding possible unfair or deceptive practices and violations of laws or regulations governing privacy.

Awardco does not use subcontractors.

Company Policies on the Web
Privacy, legal, and appropriate usage policies are at the bottom of nearly every Awardco web page. These are standard in the SaaS industry. The Terms of Service must be acknowledged by every Awardco end user, and uses common language to explain acceptable use of our Service. Any conflicting sections in a customer signed service agreement supersede the Terms of Service.

Personal Information and Data Privacy
Keeping Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) safe is an important topic with privacy officials these days. Countries around the world are creating their own policies, and not all align with the EU privacy directive. The U.S. is considering a nationwide PII law. But for now, most U.S. states have their own rules and regulations.

As stated in greater detail below, Awardco offers general-purpose reward and recognition service where customers can receive points and redeem. Since we only provide the services, and do not delve into the customer’s specific implementation, we do not attest or know what data are entered into our systems. We realize that some companies wish to have more specific language regarding data privacy, however Awardco is disinclined to do so except when required by law.

Awardco protects all data the same, without regarding to type or classification. Therefore signing any document that recognizes any specific data types places extra legal burdens on us. All data are essentially invisible to us. Only in specific circumstances can Awardco sign a data privacy agreement. And under no circumstances will any customer data be disclosed except as lawfully required as described in this document.