Modern times call for modern recognition.

Traditional service awards had the right idea, but they're stuck in the past. Tailor your rewards programs to every employee's need while saving time, and bring your programs back to the future. We’ve streamlined the process with easy management and millions of choices—which is probably more than your old stodgy program can say.


Why Awardco

Simple, straightforward, and powerful.

Awardco makes recognizing, rewarding, reporting, and budgeting easier and more effective than ever. We're constantly innovating and willing to work with you to make your recognition dreams come true.

Millions of Options

What good is a reward if it's not what you want? We offer million of options with access to Amazon Business, tickets to shows, hotels, travel, and more.

Zero Markups

Keep the value of the reward in your employee's hands. Literally. Through Amazon Business, we offer rewards without any markups. No other company can offer dollar-for-dollar spend like we can.

Global Fulfillment

Reward your employees no matter where in the world they are. We work with fulfillment centers all over the world, and can ship just about anywhere with minimal costs and customs hassle.

Engaged employees and happy employees, and happy employees are productive employees.

Employee engagement

More appreciation = more engagement.

We know you're looking for solutions that work, and ours is proven and tested by over 1,000 clients. Think about it: increased engagement boosts retention and productivity, which in turn creates greater employee loyalty. When your employees feel appreciated, engagement goes up, and productivity goes up. Bada bing bada boom.

With a good engagement strategy organizations can reduce the turnover rate by nearly 40%, and increased engagement boosts productivity that will generate as much as $28,000 in increased revenue per employee.

“Awardco has made it easy to have a system wide recognition program. This has been very important to us as we have grown rapidly and creating engagement around recognition has been important. Also the variety of options available allows all the employees to be able to find something for them.”
Tina A.
Enterprise Client

Employee appreciation

Part of a well-balanced workplace.

Recognition won’t solve all problems, but it’ll solve your biggest ones. Helping employees feel noticed, appreciated, and supported goes a long way, and when you pair recognition with service milestones, birthdays, employee appreciation days, sales incentives, wellness programs, and more—you’ve got a program that will engage your workforce like nothing before it.

Make sure your workplace is getting all the nutrients it needs.
Employee Choice

Get it any way you want it.

Engagement isn't one size fits all—it's not a snuggie. We allow for customization like letting people be recognized publicly or privately, in groups or individually, with monetary compensation or not. Employee recognition will increase engagement, but it's your choice how to implement it.

We're constantly innovating and completely up to the task of working with you to make programs that work for you and your team.

Recognition personas