Simple, Automated Program Management

Software is meant to make your life easier, not harder, so we made our platform easy to use for both admins and users. And if anything doesn't make sense, your Client Success Manager (who is an actual human) is just a call or email away.

All-in-one administration

Keep it simple.

Build a culture of loyalty, recognition, and engagement with one powerful tool. You can manage multiple programs from one platform and make budgeting, taxes, automation, reporting, and management so much easier.  

In a recent case study one company saved 296 work hours in one year using Awardco. That's 37 days!

No problemo.

Easy budgeting? You betcha.

Data transparency? Sure thing.

Custom Branding?
We gotchu.


We play well with others.

Good news: Awardco integrates well with every piece of modern software you currently use to manage your people. If you use an HRIS like ADP, Workday, BambooHR, or something else, we have you covered. Awardco even works with your communication apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, too. We make rewards and recognition easy and rewarding for all your people, no matter what tools you use.

Automate everything

Save yourself time.

We know everyone could use more time. Automate birthdays, onboarding, service milestone anniversaries, holiday celebrations, and more.

Plus, you save the mental and emotional energy of trying to come up with a reward people won't complain about. No more pressure of finding a jacket that'll fit everyone or a gift everyone will like—reward some points, and leave the rest up to the individual! 


You've got limited time, but we've got unlimited capabilities. We'll help you automate as many programs as possible, and give you back your day.

Service Awards

Automated reminders for service awards make life easier. Make remembering milestones and team participation a powerful ally.


Make their first day the start of many awesome days. Automate onboarding so new employees feel welcome and ready to contribute to your team—and so you don't forget!


MemoryBooks are an all-digital way to automate and celebrate service milestones for every employee no matter where they're working.

92.5% decrease in administration time for bonus program

America First Credit Union
Awardco reports are easy to use and insightful.

Data & Reporting

Get your data your way.

Whether you say DAY-ta or DAH-ta, we give you access to all the information you need so you can see exactly how your recognition programs are working. With Awardco you can dive deep into what’s going on in each program, details about unused and spent points, total number of recognitions, and so much more.

With over 15 different reports, you can get on-demand access to all the moving parts of your program at any time. Export this data to a CSV file and dig into your own data (it’s DAY-ta, by the way) any way you like. Data nerds, rejoice!

AFCU discovered Awardco was a game-changer.
“Before Awardco we had no idea how many gift cards were going out or when, but now we have real-time budgetary updates. It’s been a game changer.”
Jodi Gonzales
HR Manager, AFCU

Budgeting & Taxes

Enjoy simplified budgets.

Recognition and service award programs can mean big headaches when budget reconciliation time comes around. But don't let tax season stress you out. We can help.

Awardco will help you report your rewards on your taxes. Run comprehensive reports, drill down into the details, and get precise data on who spent how much from which budget. All the information for tax compliance is at your fingertips—and that's a sigh of relief.

Take the hassle out of rewards and recognition budgeting and taxes.
Make the Awardco platform truly yours with custom branding.

Custom branding & Experience

Show off a look that's all you.

Our designers can add your branding to the platform to really make it your own, and make it a familiar experience for your employees to help with program adoption.

Employee Engagement

Let's get engaged!

Awardco is easy for everyone to use. Managers can recognize people on their team, and peers can recognize each other in just a few easy steps. Our intuitive software increases recognition, boosts loyalty, and energizes engagement to help you build a culture where all employees feel appreciated.

As people feel appreciated they'll be more loyal, engaged, and productive, which makes them more likely to be recognized for their efforts. It's like the circle of life, but it ends in happy employees instead of hyenas taking over Pride Rock.

It's all about employee engagement.
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