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Awardco exists to recognize the good in each of us, and reward the value we bring to each other. Good things and good people are around us every day, and goodness grants highlight these people and the value they’re bringing to individuals, groups, communities, and organizations.

Do you know someone who selflessly gives of their time and effort to help others around them? Nominate them for a Goodness Grant! Each month we will choose one nominee and highlight them as the recipient of our Goodness Grant, which includes a prize of $1,000, to support them in their efforts.

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Goodness Grants Recipients

April 2023

Kris Lechman

Kris Lechman serves his New Jersey community by combining his two passions: fishing and teaching.

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February 2023

Travis Bellantino

For five years now, Travis has been going to the West Valley skatepark each morning at 5:30 am to clean the park. He picks up trash, shovels snow, and uses his leaf blower to remove rocks and other debris from the bowl.

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January 2023

Emely Hernandez

When it was forecasted that the coming winter would be one of the harshest her city had seen, Emely realized that there was a great opportunity to “lessen the blow” of this harsh winter for those in need.

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Frequently asked questions.

What’s a Goodness Grant?

Every month we recognize someone who’s been nominated by their peers and give them $1000—no strings attached. We’re not doing this because we're trying to be magnanimous, but because we actually care. We want to recognize goodness in others and help people that are doing good in the world find greater success.

Why are you giving out Goodness Grants?

Awardco exists to recognize the good in each of us and reward the value we bring to each other. Period. It doesn’t matter if it’s work-related or just about life in general. We’ve been given so much—why not give back?

What do people do with a Goodness Grant?

Whatever they want. It's their grant. Do they have to spend it on a cause? Nope. They could, sure! But if they want to spend it on a home improvement project, a new laptop, or if they want to take a nice self-care weekend, that's completely up to them. And it's completely private—what the Goodness Grant is used for is not public information.

Why are we really doing this? Sounds like a marketing stunt.

We don’t blame you for thinking that. Do Goodness Grants reflect well on Awardco? Yes. But that isn’t why we’re doing this. We've been given a lot in terms of success and joy. And we want to pay it forward.

What about taxes?

Because Goodness Grants are essentially a big cash giveaway, the IRS requires that any income over a certain amount (it’s usually $600) be declared as taxable income based on your marginal tax rate. So, when tax season rolls around, you’ll want to be aware of that.

How is the recipient chosen?

Goodness Grant recipients are first nominated by their peers through the form above. A nominee can be anyone that is putting any good out into the world and is having a positive impact on individuals, groups, or organizations. We comb through the submissions to make sure they’re all legitimate (nominating your friend or family member for buying you lunch one day is great, but probably not Goodness Grant worthy) and then choose one via internal committee.

Can I nominate myself?

Sure. But the idea here is to recognize the good around you. Recognizing your own good is wonderful, and we applaud that, but let’s try and recognize others and look outside ourselves, yeah?