Awardco's Mission is

To brighten the world by celebrating moments that matter...

Specific Moments

The first day of work, service anniversaries, the birth of a child, etc.

Ongoing Moments

Exemplifying core values on a day-to-day basis: #customer-obsessed, #courage, #impact.

Created Moments

Fun events, challenges, and contests.

Ongoing Moments We Like to Celebrate & Recognize


  • You desire to delight the customer
  • You learn from the customer how the platform should work
  • You focus on the outcome rather than the process
  • You make the customer happy


  • You accomplish amazing amounts of import work
  • You make your colleagues want to achieve more
  • You focus on results over process
  • You make the world a brighter place to live


  • You look outside the company and discover powerful trends
  • You simplify and minimize complexity
  • You partner with the customer to identify better ways
  • You thrive on change


  • You inspire your peers through your actions
  • You are optimistic
  • You speak up in meetings and make suggestions
  • You care about your colleagues at Awardco


  • You seek what is best for Awardco, rather than what is best for yourself
  • You share information proactively
  • You make time to strengthen the employees around you
  • You are not hard-nosed and stubborn


  • You make tough decisions without agonizing
  • You take smart risks and are open to possible failure
  • You are able to be vulnerable, in search of truth
  • You question actions inconsistent with our values

We Drink Our Own Juice

We celebrate our moments that matter using Awardco

Our employees live by our values. We keep them front of mind every day by encouraging our employees to share stories and hashtag values being lived in real time. Our values help us accomplish our mission, which is to make the world a brighter place to live.


A Little History


Awardco was officially founded by Steve Sonnenberg in 2011, but the story started many years before then with Steve’s father, Jim. Jim worked his entire career as an employee recognition consultant for Jostens and MTM Recognition. He worked on recognition programs for corporate giants such as McDonald’s, Motorola, John Deere, and even created the 6 Chicago Bulls championship rings. At an early age, Steve wanted to become just like his dad and work with Michael Jordan. Steve went on to graduate in Computer Science, and quickly saw the need to bring technology into the employee recognition workspace. The industry was full of outdated product offerings at extremely high retail prices. Steve saw an opportunity and called his cousin Mike.



Steve and Mike Sonnenberg founded Awardco in 2011. Both grew up in the Chicagoland area in the 80s and 90s and grew to love the employee recognition industry alongside Jim. Steve has founded several multi-million dollar companies and graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in computer science specializing in Information Technology. Steve currently acts as the CEO of Awardco. Mike heads up the Awardco engineering team and is a veritable Da Vinci of web applications. Mike graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in computer science.

In 2011 Mike and Steve started to build the perfect web application that could integrate with third parties (such as Amazon) to offer millions of product choices to employees… and that’s how it all began.

2015 Launch Awardco to the Public


With a lot of #courage, #selflessness, #passion, #innovation, #impact, and being #customer-obsessed we officially launched Awardco out of beta and were ready to change the employee recognition industry. We quickly learned that companies were tired of paying for high markups and limited product choices.


We still operate like it’s day one. We learned this model from Amazon.


  • Users in 80 different countries
  • Amazon warehouse integrations with US, CA, MX, UK, ES, FR, DE, and JP offering hundreds of millions of products around the world
  • Expanded award network (Hotels, Gift Cards, Event Tickets) coming soon Airlines
  • We support 10+ languages
  • Fastest growing employee recognition platform in the world