About Awardco

Reimagine Recognition

We make it easy to make employees happy. Rewards and recognition are proven to improve morale and boost employee loyalty. That means retention goes up! The process is simple: when people are recognized and rewarded for doing a good job they are more motivated and more engaged in their work, which leads to them getting recognized more. It's a beautiful cycle. And a fun one, too.


We exist to recognize the good in each of us and reward the value we bring to each other.

Our Values

The Awardco Way

Recognize the Good

We are optimistic and hopeful. We see the good in others and ourselves and recognize it when we see it. We work together to create a more positive world.

Do Great Things

We are bold and brave. We’re not afraid to do what no one else has done before. We create great products and great experiences. 

Be Even Better

We are empowered and growth-minded. We push to make ourselves and Awardco better. We hold each other accountable because we’re better together. 

AWARDS we've received

This is the part where we brag a little.

We're happy to report we've been recognized for being one of the best places to work as well as one of the fastest-growing companies in tech. We're also proud of how we've expanded globally, because as we've grown, the amount of recognitions has grown, and that's what really matters—more people getting recognized for the good work they're doing.

4.29 Million

Users Globally

143 Countries

Served Last Year

16.08 Million

Recognitions in the Past Year

2 Seconds

Between Recognitions


We're here for you.

The Awardco Team will take good care of you. We give our customers the Awardco treatment whether they’re big or small, local or across the world. We can help set you up with customized programs for what you need now—and we’ll be here for you as your company grows and spreads its wings.

G2 Scoring
Awardco has come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

OUr History

We've come a long way.

Awardco started in a tiny room in 2012 with just a few people working on a picnic table and borrowed wifi. *Sniff* Ah, the good old days. Those few people had a passion for reimagining the way people are recognized at work, and that idea caught on like the proverbial wildfire.

Awardco outgrew that room quickly and in just a few years Amazon Business and other large companies wanted to collaborate. With these partnerships and our talented in-house team we've created a product that has helped companies across the world improve employee engagement and satisfaction.