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Bank employee goodwill with more appreciation.

In a stressful, high-pressure industry, recognition can boost retention and employees' satisfaction.

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Financial Services Statistics

Where finance is at right now:

turnover in the finance industry—despite pay increases1
of finance professionals are considering a change of profession2
1 in 3
finance analysts work between 50-70 hours a week3
of millennials in the finance industry want to leave due to its perceived reputation4

Retain and Re-engage your Workforce

Employee recognition improves satisfaction and lowers stress.

With a surge in stress, burnout, and disengagement, the financial industry is struggling—rewards and recognition can be the solution.

High impact recognition with little effort.

You and your employees are busy enough—offer personalized, rewarding recognition to everyone without adding any more work to your plate.

Start Recognizing

Create a culture where employees love working.

Recognition creates a culture of appreciation, value, and support. With it in place, attracting and retaining top financial talent will be easier than ever.

Improve Your Culture

Increase engagement, lower turnover, and flip the financial industry script.

The finance industry is known for stress and burnout—recognition will help alleviate those feelings and make employees more engaged and productive.

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Customer story

AFCU has changed the face of employee recognition in their organization by using Awardco, and has been able to adapt to changing global circumstances with ease to keep their workforce engaged and supported—no matter where they work.

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