Introducing Awardcodes

Offline Employee Recognition for All

Recognizing and rewarding offline employees can be tough. Introducing AwardCodes: an offline method of rewarding and recognizing all your employees whether they have access to a computer or not.

Offline Recognition

Nearly 80%* of the global workforce is offline—meaning they don’t work at a desk regularly.

You need better tools to recognize and reward them.

What are AwardCodes?

Offline recognition for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

AwardCodes are customizable codes that are designed to enhance your employee recognition efforts. Give AwardCodes to any employee for any reason. Employees scan the code and are led directly to their reward platform with their points automatically deposited into their account.

It’s the perfect marriage of offline recognition and powerful technology.

AwardCodes make offline recognition simple.

How To Use AwardCodes

Create an experience.

Creating a memorable experience for employees is easier than you think, and can be on-the-spot within the flow of work, no matter where you work.

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On the Spot

Create an on-the-spot experience with customisable AwardCodes.

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Easy to Use

Easily recognize anyone, anywhere, at any time for their hard work.

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Brand AwardCodes with your company’s look and feel.

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Reward Contests

Celebrate contest winners immediately with no follow up.

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Hold giveaways at any time and make preparation easier than ever.

Reward Participation

Get more participation in meetings by incentivising participation.

AwardCodes are trackable and secure.

AwardCode Security

Secure and Trackable

Secure point redemption and budgetary tracking are easy with AwardCodes. Plus, budget isn’t spent until the AwardCode is redeemed, so you won’t have drawers full of dusty, unused (but purchased) gift cards. 

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