Professional Services & Recognition

Enhance the employee experience.

Professional services rely on experienced employees—retain your best with a better employee experience.

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Enhancing the Employee Experience

Keep top performers engaged and satisfied at all times.

Don’t lose your talent to organizations that invest more in their employee experience. Employee recognition can be the competitive advantage you need.

Customize and automate the way you recognize and reward.

Tailor your recognition and incentive programs to drive specific behaviours, all while automating the processes to save you time.

Customize Your Programs

Better reward options make everyone happy.

With millions of reward options, from Amazon items and gift cards to unique experiences and hotel stays, you’ll easily reward everyone.

Offer Stellar Rewards

Engage and retain your talent by effectively recognizing them for their efforts.

The competition for talent is fierce—stand out by showing more frequent and genuine appreciation for your people. They’ll respond with greater loyalty and engagement.

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Customer story

AMUR utilized Awardco’s reporting capabilities to empower their engagement efforts, which has increased recognition buy-in from executives, entry-level employees, and everyone in between.

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