Awardco Integrations

Work/joy balance.

Awardco integrates easily with the software you're already using, and we streamline the process to remove roadblocks so you can make rewarding recognition a part of your daily workflow.

Integrations Library

Here’s just a taste of the integrations we offer:

Awardco + Deloitte Miscellaneous Integration

Compliance & Management

We’re expanding your ability to make your work easier and reach more employees with recognition.

Awardco + Slack Collaboration Integration

Collaboration Tools

Integrate with your existing communication channels to make recognition easy and visible to everyone. These integrations increase adoption and build a culture of recognition.

Awardco integrates with many HRIS systems


Enjoy automations, notifications, and easy management of user lists with our HRIS integrations. Take back your workday and say goodbye to manual management processes for rewards and recognition.

Yep, we integrate with that, too.

Awardco Connect allows you to integrate Awardco with virtually any system you use. Not to mention we have an open API. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife, but for integrations.

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