LSA Programs

Boost your benefits with lifestyle spending accounts.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts allow you to create recurring rewards on a custom cadence while giving employees more choice.

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The Importance of Employee Wellbeing

Stress and anxiety cost the global workforce $1 trillion USD every year in lost productivity.
You can make a difference.

What are Lifestyle Spending Accounts?

Flexible stipend benefits that work.

With an LSA, employees receive points on a regular schedule that they can use on purchases that suit their needs. This recurring allowance provides employees more freedom to choose how to use their funds, while still enabling admins to create custom programs and curate approved expenses.

How to use a Lifestyle Spending Account

Spending your benefits
your way.

With an LSA, you decide how often and how much each employee is funded, and you decide which  expenses are eligible for LSA funds. 

Home Office Equipment

Fitness Equipment

Financial Services

Gym Memberships

Pet Care

Daycare Services

Why use a Lifestyle Spending Account?

Hassle-free for admins, life-changing for employees.

Set up eligibility, amounts, frequency, expiration, and eligible expenses. Automation is simple and easy. Employees get their LSA funded on a recurring cadence you choose and can then spend those points in ways most meaningful to them.