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Combat burnout & increase resiliency

Healthcare employees care for others every day. It’s time we cared for them, too.

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Healthcare Statistics

Numbers tell a story

Plan to leave their current position1
Are “used up”1
Are emotionally drained1
Are burned out1

Supporting Healthcare

Employee recognition increases workplace happiness.

Unprecedented levels of burnout have pushed healthcare employees to the breaking point, but an effective recognition strategy will push back the tide.

Automate, simplify, and enhance the way you recognize.

Automate milestones, incentivize behavior, and create a culture of recognition everyone can participate in to support your staff.

Start Saving Time

More choice, less hassle.

Your workforce is stressed enough—and so are you. Take away the guesswork and logistical headaches and access the largest reward network in the world.

Reward Your People

You’re busy. Your employees are burning out. Let’s change both.

The healthcare industry is under more pressure than ever, and healthcare professionals are suffering. Recognition is the first step to improving things.

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Customer story

Employees and organizations thrive when recognition becomes part of the company's DNA.

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