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Let employees participate in their own recognition by building flexible incentive programs that truly drive behaviour.

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Employee Incentive Programs for All

Besides being a really sweet nickname for “Ernie”, Earn programs are a simple way to incentivize employees to hit goals, complete tasks, and be part of initiatives of all kinds. The best part? Employees can redeem points on the largest rewards network on the planet.

Awardco Earn incentivizes employees

powerful incentive programs

Fuel your incentive programs.

Incentives are just another form of recognition and rewards, but they don't always have to involve a peer or manager. In fact, wouldn't it be nice if employees took ownership of their own incentives? That's exactly what Earn programs are—and they are customizable to your organization, your goals, and your budgets. Did your employees just go through safety training? Offer them ten points. Hit a quarterly goal? Earn 50 points. Wellness goal? Points.

Automate your Sales Incentives

Sales incentives your team will love.

Pre-selected rewards for sales incentives are great—but when your team doesn’t feel motivated by the reward, they’re not effective. Through Awardco’s partnership with Amazon Business you can offer your team the power to choose, easily manage several programs, and even offer your team the power to EARN their own rewards.

Offer your sales team
the power to choose.

What happens when your reward is a 4K TV and everyone already has one? Auctions and reselling rewards. Say it with us: “Goodbye Craigslist and eBay.”

Boost sales
team engagement.

You know your team better than anyone, so create and promote curated catalogues with items they'd like as prizes. It’s never been easier. 

Take back your day,
focus on sales.

Managing sales incentives takes a lot of time. But it doesn't have to. Simplify and save time with all-in-one program automation and Awardco Earn.

Easily create your earn programs.
Easily create your earn programs.

Custom incentive programs

EARNestly Flexible

When you want to highlight or encourage behaviour in your employees, create a custom Earn programme. Set eligibility based on meta data that you select (like department, location, etc), then promote and reward that behaviour as employees earn rewards for participation.

And if you need to spin up a programme quickly to start gathering data or increase adoption, Earn programmes are about as “on-demand” as you can get. Track compliance or incentivize survey completion (or any number of things) in as little as ten minutes.

Employees claim their rewards.
Employees claim their rewards.

Self-Directed rewards & recognition

Leader Guided, Employee Driven

Once employees have completed the task you've encouraged with an Earn program, claiming their reward is just a click away. All they'll need to do is log in, claim the reward, and BOOM! They've got some points for participating.

Fun fact: you can even help employees take further ownership by letting them claim points for their own goals. Set up a wellness or fitness program with different goals for each individual, let them show what they did to improve their wellness. Earn programs make it simple.

Approve rewards with one-click.
Approve rewards with one-click.

Reduce Administration Time

Automation for Time Savings

Awarding points and managing incentives with Earn programs is as easy as one click (seriously, it is). Did you just create a survey and create an incentive program for employees to participate? Sweet. With just a click you get the awesome data you've been stressing over and they get that new-fangled toaster with infrared toasting they've been eyeing. It's a win-win!

Your time is precious so we want to give more of it back to you. Use Earn programs to take care of all the mundane (but mandatory!) tasks that eat up so much of your time so you can take care of more important things: your people.

Simple employee incentive programs.
Simple employee incentive programs.

Simple incentive programs

Easy as Pie

We don't know why pie is considered easy (crust lattice, anyone?). But we know it's easy to eat, so maybe that's it? In any case, incentivizing employees to take charge of their own personal and professional progress has never been easier—or more rewarding.