Comprehensive, Customizable Recognition for All

Seven Bridges created over a dozen recognition programs to get their employees excited—and they’re just getting started.

At A Glance

Easy Implementation for Simplicity
Expansive Customization for Global Adoption
Simple Administration for Convenience

About Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges delivers end-to-end bioinformatic solutions that speed the path from raw experimental data to new diagnostics and treatments.

The Challenge

How do you get global employees to get excited about employee recognition?

After Seven Bridges sent out an employee survey to their 400+ employees in the U.S., U.K., Serbia, and Turkey, they realized their people weren’t feeling recognized. They decided it was time to find an employee recognition platform. But they didn’t want just anything—they wanted something they could make their own.

“We fell in love with the Awardco platform from the start because it’s so simple, and yet it also has so many customization options to add to it.”

Marko Brkic
Employee Experience Manager at Seven Bridges

The Solution

Creative Programs Fuel Adoption

After only three months of implementation, Seven Bridges has seen 95% of their workforce log on to their recognition platform. The secret to such amazing adoption? Seven Bridges’ creativity. They’ve already created four recognition programs for employees to take part in:

  • Peer-to-peer
  • Manager-to-peer
  • Employee of the month nominations
  • “Most likely to…” nominations

These programs get people into the platform and let them have fun. But that’s not all. Seven Bridges has also created 11(!) different Earn programs to incentivize wholesome and healthy behaviors. Some of them include:

  • Employees who donate blood earn points
  • Employees who leave Glassdoor reviews earn points
  • Employees who develop, implement, or participate in learning & development programs earn points
  • Employees who use the suggestion box earn points
  • Employees who participate in Seven Bridges’ wellness programs earn points
  • The employee who recognizes the most people each month earns points

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because Seven Bridges employees are scattered around the globe, the HR team loves creating fun and creative ways to get all their employees involved and excited—they’ve created various recognition and incentive programs that speak to employees of all interests, personalities, and walks of life.

The Solution

Powerful Reporting Saves Time

With all of these programs, you may think the HR team at Seven Bridges is drowning in extra work. But the opposite is actually true. With Awardco’s seamless rewards and recognition platform, including our integration capabilities, the admins at Seven Bridges are saving more time than ever.

And that’s not all—the reporting capabilities Awardco offers lets Seven Bridges see just how effective their new employee recognition programs have been.

“What I love most is the reporting aspect. It’s something that reinforces the impact of Awardco, and it shows that the work we’re doing is paying off.”

Marko Brkic
Employee Experience Manager at Seven Bridges

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