A Whale of a Recognition Tale

In giving their employees more power to choose, Pacific Life once again showed that their greatest strength has always been caring about people.

At A Glance

3,800 employees
33% increase in recognitions
Thousands of awards on one platform

About Pacific Life

Pacific Life was founded in 1868 and has its main headquarters in Newport Beach, California. Facilities in Aliso Viejo, California; Omaha, Nebraska; and Lynchburg, Virginia (along with many remote employees across the country) make up their present-day workforce.

The Challenge

How do you nurture employees through recognition?

Pacific Life came to Awardco looking for a digital solution to their legacy recognition programs—one that could support a large workforce and teams that collaborated across huge distances. While they had a standard service award program with plaques, certificates, and a limited catalog, it wasn't having the impact they'd hoped.

“Awardco has so much to offer in a robust, electronic platform. I've not heard a single complaint from anyone who uses it at Pacific Life.”

Amberlee Taylor
Sr. Communication Specialist

The Solution

Exploring Uncharted Seas of Recognition

Pacific Life had a legacy program that had done a good job of supporting employee service milestones, but it was outdated. It was time to go digital, and time to offer employees more than a limited catalog of expensive items for their service milestone awards. 

Now with Awardco, Pacific Life has completely revolutionized the way they offer service awards, saving both time and money in the process. 

Gone are the days of trying to make sure no employee’s service anniversary slips past unnoticed. Forgotten are the logistical woes of coordinating, ordering, shipping, and storing service milestone awards. Now employees can choose from millions of items on the platform rather than a set catalog of limited products, and have it shipped directly to their door. 

In seeing the initial success of their service award programs, Pacific Life is working to expand the way they nurture their employees through competitions and spot recognition.

The Solution

“We do a lot of remote work activities where you can win something. We do a lot of these contests, and I used to go to Amazon and send a $25 gift card to the winners, but now I do it through Awardco. It’s in the system, trackable, and much more streamlined.”

Amberlee Taylor
Sr. Communication Specialist

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