Total Rewards: How Employee Recognition Shapes the Employee Journey

Learn best practices for incorporating recognition into each stage of the employee experience.

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40% of employees agree that recognition is the most important thing leaders can do to motivate them.

Recognition Strategy

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Recognize during Recruitment to give the perfect first impression.

Create a culture of recognition that applicants can see by shouting out employees on social media and incentivizing honest employee reviews.



Recognize during Onboarding to help employees find success.

Customized first-day gift bags, a selection of swag items, and managers that give frequent recognition all help new hires feel right at home.



Recognize during the Engagement stage to keep employees satisfied.

Recognize employee milestones, both professional and personal, and offer rewards people actually want. Peer-to-peer recognition is a great way to keep everyone engaged, too.



Recognize during Development to increase employee loyalty.

Through professional development incentives and recognition for those who go above and beyond, high performers will never feel stagnant.



Recognize during Separation for an amicable parting.

Regardless of why an employee is leaving, recognize them for their contributions. Also, use exit interviews to learn where you can improve your culture.

Improve the Employee Journey

See how recognition can transform your employee experience.