June 20, 2024
March 1, 2024

Awardco Product Update: Award Network Customization

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Have you ever had trouble setting up or (even worse) tracking custom employee rewards? Running a reward program can be headache-inducing, especially if you have a global workforce. 

In our efforts to make the Awardco platform as simple and easy to use as possible, we’ve enhanced the self-service reward capabilities for our clients. Platform administrators can now manage their award networks, get visibility into budgets, and build a global culture without waiting for the help of a CSM.

Now admins can customize award options, point permissions, global options, and email templates for each of their reward networks by themselves—thus streamlining your processes and eliminating wasted time.

Customization Capabilities Admins Now Enjoy

So what exactly can admins now do? Here’s a list of some of the most exciting capabilities:

  • Enjoy full visibility into each reward network:
    • See how many reward options are in each network
    • See how many users have points to spend in each network
    • See how many unspent points are sitting in each network
    • See which reward networks are attached to which recognition programs
    • See any and all reward fees for full transparency
  • Adjust rewards for a global workforce:
    • Customize award option labels by country
    • See which options are available for each country
    • Easily enable award options for different countries
  • Build custom catalogs
    • Provide a custom return policy for catalogs
    • Configure which catalogs are available for each reward network

This list isn’t comprehensive—there are many other features and customizations admins can look forward to with our new Award Network update. Talk to your CSM or book a demo to dive deeper into the nitty gritty details.

Point Expiration Capability

In addition to customizable award networks, admins now have the ability to set a customizable expiration date for each award network based on the age of the points. For example, if one network’s expiration date is set at 6 months, then any points that are rewarded into the network will expire if not used within 6 months of receiving them.

The new feature allows admins to:

  • Set point expiration dates to incentivize redemption
  • Enjoy better point usage forecasting
  • Maintain accurate knowledge of budget spend
  • Enable monthly spend programs like LSA’s 
  • Reduce organizational liability with better budgetary insights

Creating the Most Customizable Recognition Platform

Through the Award Networks and Point Expiration features, Awardco admins have greater control over their recognition and reward programs than ever before. Not only that, but these features are user-friendly and easy to use to save you time and effort.

Creating a culture of global recognition that rewards everyone equally, regardless of where they live, just got easier.

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