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April 26, 2024
March 1, 2024

Introducing A-Pay Cards

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Awardco has the largest reward network in the world, period. And now that reward network just got bigger.

Employees can use any digital wallet (Apple pay, Google Wallet, etc) to load their card and carry it with them on their mobile device, or they can request a physical card for additional convenience. It's all part of making the best employee recognition platform even better.

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What Are A-Pay Cards?

A-Pay cards are reward cards that employees can use to spend their points, both online and in-person. Employees have the option to use a digital card for online purchases or with tap-to-pay, or they can order physical cards to use in-person, just like their existing cards.

A-Pay cards, especially the physical card option, also help frontline or deskless employees who may not have the same regular access to technology. Now every employee can utilize their recognition points with just a tap or swipe.

The ease of use of A-Pay cards will also help eliminate unused points the your platform, which will help organizations enjoy more accurate reporting and budgeting insights much more often.

We know you probably have some questions about this new feature, but never fear! Let's dive in.

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A-Pay FAQs

Where are A-Pay cards accepted?

We’ve worked to build a network of many different merchant categories that accept A-Pay cards. These merchant categories include:

  • Groceries
  • Electronics
  • Subscriptions
  • Food & dining
  • Health & wellness
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Home & garden
  • Utilities
  • Gas & charging

This list isn’t exhaustive—you can customize it based on your needs!

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Can I use it with GPay or ApplePay?

Yes! Simply load your digital or physical card information to your digital wallet and use it just like any other card.

Are the cards secure?

Yes! We’ve integrated with Stripe to ensure that employee information is always safe and secure, no matter where or when they spend their points.

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Is this a lot of work for organizations?

Cards connect directly to employee point balances, so admins never have to worry about reloading balances or wait times. Plus, overdrafts aren’t a worry because employees can only spend points they have.

Use Case: Pairing A-Pay with Lifestyle Spending Accounts

A-Pay cards pair nicely with another Awardco feature: Lifestyle Spending Accounts. For example, say that you set up LSAs for employee wellness. Each month you provide employees with 20 points to use on wellness expenses, such as gym memberships, fitness app subscriptions, new shoes, etc. 

Instead of worrying about reimbursing gym membership fees or other cumbersome processes, use A-Pay cards and rid yourself of the paperwork and headaches. Employees can use their A-Pay card to sign up at their local gym, buy protein in the store, or purchase new exercise equipment on Amazon. And the best part is that your employees get a great, easy experience—and you don’t have to worry about the logistics.

A-Pay cards and LSAs enhance your benefits and empower employee freedom, all in one place.

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Get A-Pay Cards With Awardco

Make employee recognition more rewarding and convenient for everyone with A-Pay cards. Contact Awardco to learn more about this feature and our platform as a whole.