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Hunt Brothers® Pizza found greater employee satisfaction when they listened to their people and provided the power to choose their own rewards through Awardco.

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Serving 9000+ locations
500+ employees
150 service milestone awards given per year


What happens when you listen to your employees?

Since 1991, Hunt Brothers Pizza has been a staple of delicious pizza across the United States. At the core of their success is their focus on their employees, understanding that they were the heart of the business. Pizza is one thing, but without their team members delivering the pizza, it wouldn’t be the same. With this firmly in mind, Hunt Brothers Pizza made it a priority to regularly recognize their employees for their years of dedicated service to ensure their employees knew how valuable they were. 

However, as time went on, it became obvious that a new solution was needed for employee recognition and rewards. Hunt Brothers Pizza's previous rewards and recognition vendor, an old standby in the industry, had repeatedly dropped the ball. Months of poor customer service and missed deadlines led to Hunt Brother Pizza feeling forgotten and misunderstood. On top of that, the perennial lack of rewards choices and extreme markups (in some cases nearly triple the value of the reward!) had left a bad impression and dissatisfied employees. That’s when Hunt Brothers Pizza found Awardco.

A new recipe for recognition.

A new recipe for recognition.

Intrigued by Awardco’s relationship with Amazon, the lack of markups, and the millions of rewards options, Hunt Brothers Pizza decided to partner with Awardco to facilitate their service milestone award program.

Soon after contacting Awardco, Hunt Brothers Pizza found that the service was reliable, friendly, and superior to their previous vendor in every way. Hunt Brothers Pizza never felt unimportant, ignored, or unappreciated as Awardco's reps gave them the attention and focus they deserved. Furthermore the rewards markups were non-existent, and the choices for rewards were beyond anything Hunt Brothers Pizza had ever encountered.

Previous to using Awardco, Hunt Brothers Pizza employed a limited physical catalog of rewards items to offer their employees on their work anniversaries. However, soon after implementing the Awardco software a member of Hunt Brothers Pizza leadership felt that the options were too vast, and started to backtrack a bit.

"One of our leaders wanted employees to feel valued, and felt that by offering a limited catalog of items that would help people spend their points on items he felt conveyed the appreciation he felt for each of our employees," says Jeff Jensen, Director of HR at Hunt Brothers Pizza. However, after asking employees what they wanted, this dynamic leader pivoted and decided to give his employees what they asked for—the power to choose their own rewards. 

Hunt Brothers Pizza reimagined recognition with Awardco and saw an increase in employee satisfaction, engagement, and happiness—all from providing the power of choice.

By listening to their employees and providing the power of choice, Hunt Brothers Pizza found that magic formula for engagement.

“We’ve given our employees something they never had before: the power to choose their own rewards. And if that wasn’t enough, we save money because the products aren’t marked up! Awardco truly brought our recognition programs into the 21st century.”
Jeff Jensen
Director of HR, Hunt Brothers Pizza

Hunt Brothers Pizza

Hunt Brothers Pizza is a pizza distribution company founded in 1991 by four brothers who wanted to bring the American dream to life for their families (including their employees) and their customers. As one of the most popular pizza distributors in the United States, Hunt Brothers Pizza knows how to put their employees and customers first.
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