February 9, 2024
January 25, 2022

Awardco Highlighted as Featured Amazon Business Partner

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What Is a Featured Partner of Amazon Business?

There's a lot of business jargon out there, and being a featured partner of Amazon Business might not mean anything to you right on the outset. What does it mean? What is Amazon Business? Here's a basic rundown:

  • Put simply, Amazon Business is everything you love about Amazon, but for your business. This program provides business-only price savings, Business Prime (think like Amazon Prime, but for your company), multi-user accounts, and the ability to pay in different ways to make it easy for your business to get what it needs.
  • A featured partner of Amazon Business is an organization that Amazon partners with to provide even more business solutions to organizations all over the world. For example, if a company is looking for a specific type of business solution (like, employee recognition, rewards, and engagement platform) through Amazon, they'll be directed to a featured partner of Amazon's to facilitate this need.

Amazon Business Selects Awardco as Featured Partner

Now that you know the basics, we have some big news: Awardco announced today that it has been named to the prestigious list of featured Amazon Business Partners. With this new accolade Awardco continues to change the landscape of employee recognition and expand our capability to offer rewarding recognition to the entire world. Visitors to Amazon looking for business solutions will be directed to Awardco to fulfill any employee recognition and engagement needs.

 "High product markups and limited product selections have been killing the employee recognition industry. We want to improve the overall employee experience at work. Awardco provides the ability for companies to manage all recognition and incentive programs on one platform while offering a wider variety of products through Amazon Business. Now as a featured Amazon Business Partner we can provide this service to even more organizations." — Steve Sonnenberg, CEO

Benefits of Awardco

Okay, now you know the basics, so what do you get by using Awardco?

  • A FREE Amazon Business account
  • Access to millions of products from Amazon Business
  • No markups on Amazon items
  • Fast, convenient shipping from Amazon Business
  • The largest, most comprehensive award network currently available
  • A custom-branded site for rewards and recognition
  • The ability to manage multiple recognition programs at once
  • Unprecedented service milestone awards

About Awardco

Since 2015 Awardco has been making employee recognition more rewarding for organizations across the globe. Awardco's comprehensive and accessible software gives employees access to millions of products from Amazon Business, all without markups, for their employee rewards. Now with this partnership Awardco can continue with the mission to inspire human connection through rewarding recognition.