See why Capterra reviewers love Awardco


Introducing Awardco for SMB—enterprise solutions at an SMB price for rewards and recognition.

See why Capterra reviewers love Awardco

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  • Simple to use, all-in-one platform

  • Easily customize your total rewards programs

  • Save time with automations for recurring celebrations

  • Incentivize anything, for everyone

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‍“Awardco allows everything to support our core values and our mission, which is very important to us because that strengthens our culture.”

Lauren Long
HR Operations Manager

“Implementation was great—it was so easy and seamless, and Awardco was always willing to help whenever I had any questions or concerns.”

Sonia Magdaleno
Talent and Engagement Specialist

“We fell in love with the Awardco platform from the start because it’s so simple, and yet it also has so many customization options to add to it.”

Marko Brkic
Employee Experience Manager

Automation is something that is really important for us—we try to automate as much as we can so that we can focus on what’s important. And Awardco’s automation and integrations have fit in perfectly

Brittany Madonna
Senior VP of Marketing & Communcations

“The onboarding process was very encouraging. We weren’t given the program and told to figure it out on our own—we’ve had someone to lean on the entire time, someone who helped us navigate this big, company-wide change.”

Ryan Zellner
Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager

“Awardco is the perfect platform for our employee recognition program. It supports our unique employee culture and community.”

Rosie Scannell
Global HR

“There are so many [reward] options, and everyone is already used to Amazon and knows what they can get. In the past, we had a catalog of items, and it didn’t feel like it would fit with our new demographic.”

Shaye McCoy
Senior Analyst Total Rewards

‍“We were looking for a solution that rewarded folks in their own currency, and Awardco delivers!”

Tammy Godby
Senior Manager of Global Organizational Development

Awards We've Recieved

Marla Mayo
Director of Payroll

“Awardco is just so easy to use. At the beginning, our support rep would do everything for us, but I was able to quickly learn the platform and become more self-sufficient.”

Deanna Tindell
People Operations Specialist

"Awardco has helped us build and maintain the culture of appreciation that we know is imperative to great work. We've seen first-hand that when employees feel appreciated, they are more productive."

David Alsop
Chief Human Resource Officer

“Modern recognition with Awardco has created an ecosystem of appreciation. What we’ve found, as employees have recognized each other, is that they’re motivated long term. Employees want to enjoy their work and be successful, and if we recognize them for their success, they’ll know they’re doing a great job and can improve every single day.”

Dan Higbee
Senior Director of HR

“With Awardco, recognition is more than a one-and-done thing. It’s starting to become a part of our culture and our employees’ daily habits.”

Sara Beer
Director of Core Values

Just managing our custom rewards felt like a full-time job with our previous vendor—it took all day every Friday. With Awardco, I don’t have to do any of the manual fulfillment work anymore. I’m saving 6-8 hours a week, just managing orders.

Kerie Rogers
HR Operations Leader

“Change management was a concern when exploring new vendors. However, our leadership, HR, and associates have smoothly transitioned to Awardco, and they appreciate its straightforward and intuitive design, which surpasses the complexities of previous platforms.”

Jay Adhvaryu
Director of Finance and Compliance

“Awardco actually cost us less than what we were doing in the past, and it’s had a bigger impact on our ROI and employee engagement.”

Kymberlee Stephens
Director of Employee Experience and Wellness

Awardco has provided significant time savings. Our previous program was clunky, manual, and time consuming. Now, with the automation capabilities available through Awardco, my team saves 5-8 hours a week!

Nicole Blaschka
Director of Human Resources

“Awardco has taken the guesswork out of our culture—leadership knows they’re not treating anyone unfairly or unconsciously showing favoritism. Recognition is a lot more consistent and frequent for everyone.”

Mason Ongarato
HR Software & Employee Benefits Expert

“We wanted to make recognition easy and exciting for our blue collar workers to participate in, and Awardco’s capabilities have made that possible.”

Hannah Fagan
Human Resource Leader

“We recently pulled an in-platform report to check on usage, and then we reached out to people individually to improve adoption—especially managers. Since then, engagement has been significantly higher, and our culture of recognition is growing—even our executives are recognizing.”

Program Director at Necco

"I think Awardco is a great platform for recognition. Being able to give a little extra money here and there goes a long way. I try to recognize my office as much as possible when they go above and beyond."

Monica Delgado
Senior Manager of Total Rewards & Wellbeing at BPM

"We really like the redemption options and how Awardco integrates with Amazon—the platform’s ease-of-use has empowered us to handle our growing employee population."

Sonia Magdaleno
Talent and Engagement Specialist

"Recognition has allowed managers to shine the light on employees who aren’t normally in the spotlight. This has improved morale as far as employees enjoying work and feeling more valued."

CEO of Black Hills Exteriors

I believe that if you have a good heart as an owner, and you truly want to show employees that you care, a platform like Awardco is the best way to do so.

Courtney Nussbeck
Marketing & Events Director at Aspen Contracting

"I love that I have a team of people who help make our program run smoothly. Awardco is quick to respond and help with training or customization to our platform. They help me see how to use recognition to better serve my team."

Nealy Whipler
Global Direct of Talent Management

“I love the simplicity of the program and the ease of taxes. We were really worried about that, but it’s been really easy.”

Christina Castro
Training Leader at Quick Quack Car Wash

Awardco is such a perfect fit for changing lives for the better.

Marko Brkic
Employee Experience Manager at Seven Bridges

“What I love most is the reporting aspect. It’s something that reinforces the impact of Awardco, and it shows that the work we’re doing is paying off.”

Ryan Zeller
Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager

“We’re doing a lunch and learn, and our client success rep is helping us create a training and recordings on the platform to show employees how to properly use it. It's very rare that you find a company willing to spend the time to make sure you’re properly equipped.”

Lauren Long
HR Operations Manager at SEF Energy

“We haven’t heard one bad thing about Awardco from our employees. It’s taken off much better than we expected it to because the employees love it.”

Shaye McCoy
Senior Analyst Total Rewards at Paramount

“There are so many [reward] options, and everyone is already used to Amazon and knows what they can get. In the past, we had a catalog of items, and it didn’t feel like it would fit with our new demographic.”

Brenda Neuhoff
Director of Total Rewards

“Before, our visibility to our spend was quite limited…but centralizing everything in the Awardco platform has enabled us to have visibility and provide consistency as it relates to budgeting and recognition for the culture.”

Ruben White
Manager of Occupational Health and Safety

“Our company is very safety-culture oriented, and [Awardco] offers us a way to acknowledge the impact that our employees have on that culture.”

Annasuela Fritz
HR Projects and Recognition Manager

“Awardco is not only a fantastic recognition solution but a fantastic technology solution that also provides recognition. Awardco has given us a level of confidence we didn’t have before.”

Jodi Gonzales
HR Manager at AFCU

“Before Awardco we had very little insight into our physical recognition programs, but now we have real-time budgetary updates, an incredible time savings, and more options for rewards than ever. It’s been a game changer.”

Lacy Andersen
Project Manager

“We now have complete visibility into budgetary usage and recognitions. Before, nobody could see recognitions at all—it was always done on a small scale, one-on-one from manager to employee. Now everyone in the company can see the successes of others and celebrate those with them, and we can see how managers are using the funds we’ve given them. Our budgets have equalized almost entirely—down to the dollar.”

Cheryl Vincent
Talent Development Manager

“Soon after our implementation we created a financial recognition program through Awardco for managers and supervisors to recognize their employees for extra efforts. Now our managers and supervisors have their own budgeted amount to use at their discretion to award their employees at any time, and they don’t have to wait for approval to do so.”

Storey O'Barr
Recognition and Communications Specialist

"We needed something to unify our recognition programs for all our different locations, and we found that and more with Awardco."

Mary-Jane Padullo
HR and Corporate Resources

“Awardco has given us the opportunity to figure out how to put that personal touch back into recognition even if employees are remote. ”

Jeff Jensen
Director of HR, Hunt Brothers Pizza

“We’ve given our employees something they never had before: the power to choose their own rewards. And if that wasn’t enough, we save money because the products aren’t marked up! Awardco truly brought our recognition programs into the 21st century.”

Amberlee Taylor
Sr. Communication Specialist

“We do a lot of remote work activities where you can win something. We do a lot of these contests, and I used to go to Amazon and send a $25 gift card to the winners, but now I do it through Awardco. It’s in the system, trackable, and much more streamlined.”

Rosie Scannell
Global HR

“Awardco is the perfect platform for our employee recognition program. It supports our unique employee culture and community.”